Where there will be book and flower stalls

Catalonia celebrates again Saint George And this year it happens On a weaker day For the first time since the pandemic. This predicts a busier day than ever, but more localized and distributed across the country.

The country's major towns and cities have erupted with celebration Book and Rose DayAlthough the weather is expected to be cold with occasional rain, especially in the afternoon.

Barcelona: Books from the Mountains to the Sea

Barcelona plans for Sant Jordi Day with More stops, more decentralization. The epicenter will once again be the honorable literary villa of the Eixample – which arose as a result of Covid-19 and has been completely integrated – where there will be significant traffic restrictions.

The big news this year in Barcelona is Revitalization of the entire Ramblawith the spongy Canalettes at the Santa Monica Center for the Arts coming to a halt, leaving behind restrictions due to the impact of the 2017 attack and the pandemic years.

The main change for the pros is that Booksellers' and publishers' stalls have to pay to occupy the street On April 23 for the first time. Specifically, members pay €80 for a 6-metre stop, and those who do not, pay €100.

Barcelona will break records for stall holders: there will be 336 book stalls16 more than last year. As for author signatures, there will be 214, that is, one more signature than in 2023.

Apart from the kiosks that are also located in front of the establishments, these are the kiosks Summary by region With the locations of the main spaces dedicated to selling books and flowers in Barcelona:


► The Literary Island of Sant Jordi: between Diagonal Street and Gran Via, and between Palmes and Pau Clares Streets.

► Plaza Catalunya

► University Square.

► Rambla de Catalunya

►Passeig de Saint-Jean (between Tetouan and Arc de Triomphe): Intended for comics, graphic novels, children's and young adult literature, and family audiences.

old City

► Passeig-de-Louis Company.

► La Rambla.

► Royal Arena

Saints Montjuïc

► Rambla de Sants


► Avinguda Diagonal: between Carrer Joan Güell and Carrer de Pau Romeva, on the sea side.

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Sarria-Saint Gervasi

► Saria Square.


► Carrer Gran de Gracia: between Carrer de Seneca and Rambla del Prat.

► Nicolas Salmerón Square.

► Jardinetes de Gracia.

► La Villa de Gracia Square.

Horta Genardo

► Plaza de Eivissa

►Carrere de Tajo: Between the descent of Plana and the descent of Meerkat.

Saint Andrew

► Plaça d'Orvila

► Plaza del Commerche

► Carrer del Segre: Between Carrer del Pont and Carrer del Senca.

Saint Martin

► Rambla del Poblenou: between Paseo de Calvel and Avinguda Diagonal.

► Carrer del Cabanella.

► Carrer de la Séquia Comtal.

► Market Square.

► Plaza de la Font and Sagi.

► García Márquez Library space.

Girona: Today he returns to Barry Vale after four years

Sant Jordi Day in Girona is marked by the return of book stalls and flowers In the city center. In 2021 and 2023, they have put themselves on the cup scene at La Divisa. Great space without crowds, but far from the center and with the added problem of dust. In 2022, it was held in the Palau de Fires to avoid rain fears.

This year he was chosen to return to the position, but with Main stations on Plaza Catalunya And not on Rambla de la Libertad. This year there are 25 book stalls and 12 flower stalls in Plaza Catalunya. The Rambla will host organizations, the Plaza del Fe, political parties, as well as another hundred booths. The booksellers' and florists' unions finally ruled out enacting any backup plan for the rain.

the Sant Jordi events You will behave – Cutting off vehicle traffic between 8:00 and 22:00 On the eastern, northern and western sides of Plaza Catalunya; At Piedra Bridge and when going up the bridge; In Plaça del VI; On the Carrer de l'Argenteria and the Rambla de la Libertat; And on Santa Clara, Nau and Sant Francesc streets. You can consult here All impacts on traffic, on parking and on urban bus routes in Girona.

Lleida: Epicenter in Avinguda Francesc Macia and Rambla Ferran

some 187 stations will fill the streets of Lleida To celebrate Saint George's Day. The epicenter will again be on Avinguda Avenue Francesc Macia, with professional booths from 15 bookstores and 10 florists, and on Rambla Ferran, which will host booths from 51 organizations and where the new Moreira Museum, just opened to the public, will have a featured role.

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There will also be 22 regulation stops throughout Commercial hub And 10 craft stalls in Ricard Venice Square. In addition, 8 bookstores and stationery stores, and 29 florists, will set up stands in front of their establishments. There will also be 42 other organizing platforms spread across the city. the Activities programme It also includes presentations, workshops, etc.

Guàrdia Urbana will cut off traffic on Rambla Ferran from 8 a.m. and will regulate traffic in the area to ensure the safety of the public. The bus routes affected by the car traffic interruption are L1, L2, L3, L10, L20, L5 and the tourist bus.

Avinguda Francesc Macia and Rambla Ferran are home to the majority of bookstores, florists and organizations in Sant Jordi in Lleida (ACN/Ignasi Gómez)

Tarragona: Rambla Nova once again central to Sant Jordi

Sant Jordi Day in Tarragona has the Rambla Nuova as its focal point. This year it is the main artery of the host city 137 pauses distributed over the four sections Which goes from the Roger de Llúria Monument to the Centenary Fountain.

Overall, there is 13 librariesone more than last year, and 19 florist Which will sell roses and flowers. The rest of the stalls are owned by the organizations and will be open between 9.00 and 21.00.

At 19.00 there will be the traditional Sardine song At Plaça Verdaguer and at 20.00 in the traditional square Castella's performance Of the city's four gangs at the top of Rambla Nova. You can consult here The main activities organized by Sant Jordi in the city of Tarragona.

The La Rambla Nova area in Tarragona will host about thirty booths from professional sectors and the rest from organizations (ACN/Ariadna Escoda)

Sant Jordi across the country

In the rest of Catalonia there will be a ceremony in all municipalities, such as in Piazza Pompeu Fabra dei BadalonaSanta Ana Square MataroThe old square terrace Or Plaça Major or Paseo de Vienna International Centre.

a Sabadell The party will be centered around the Central Market and in the Espai Cultura Gardens. a laziness I for Turtle The stations will be established in the Old City. a Rios It will be there in the squares of Mercadal and Prim, Raval de Santa Ana, Plaça del Castile, Alpes de la Prioral and Old Vossar.

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a Seu d'Urgell, Sant Jordi will live again on Paseo Juan Brodeo. a Bigcerda, on Paseo April 10 and Piazza Santa Maria. And a Vilanova and Giltroon the Rambla.

Where will last year's award-winning authors sign?

Sant Jordi's Day becomes a meeting point between readers and writers, who have the opportunity to meet at one of the many book signings organized throughout the country. Here you can check which stations they will sign up for Authors who last year won a literary award.

For the first time this year There will be no bestseller list for today. We will know which titles succeeded, but without a classification that determines the winning book. The Booksellers Guild will publish Final list on the 29thOnce the actual sales are processed in bookstores and street stalls.

Don't have a book yet?

As usual, Sant Jordi arrives bearing editorial news. From fantasy literature to young adult literature. From musical books to comic books. If you still have the option of choosing books for Sant Jordi, we offer you A wide range of proposals.

Depending on the time

Sant Jordi's day will start out cold in most parts of the country. The weather is expected to be uncertain, with… More sun in the morning with frequent showers in the afternoon In many parts of the Pyrenees and the eastern half of the country. However, abundant amounts of water are not expected.

Sant Jordi's doors are open to museums and emblematic buildings

Sant Jordi is also a good opportunity to visit museums and the headquarters of some institutions for free. The Generalitat, the Barcelona City Council or, for example, the Mies van der Rohe Pavilion, are joined by museums from all over the territory.

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