China’s influence in Western universities frightens Italy and the United States

China’s influence in Western universities frightens Italy and the United States

The alarm was raised by the Italian secret services and restarted in an Short report by Republic: China is actually bypassing legal barriers preventing Dragon companies from participating in European 5G infrastructure. Admission will be a wide network of educational agreements between Italian universities and Chinese institutions. A network from Sardinia to Milan runs through Rome.

In particular, according to Roman 007, Beijing’s order should be intensified as much as possible. Partnerships Academics to create and acquire new research centers How do you know The technology, while at the same time making deals with local authorities, will allow the Chinese to have a direct role in the construction of the latest generation networks.

Article written by Republic Cites several examples of Italian-Chinese agreements currently in effect: the first to be signed chronologically with the University of Hawaii Cagliari, but the Chinese technology company Italy has 5 innovation centers spread across the region, a joint venture. The center, created in collaboration with the Sardinia region, has launched an innovation laboratory in Pavia in collaboration with the Global Research and Development Center in Sacramento and the University of Lombard.

ZTE, another telecommunications company, has instead focused on metropolitan areas (Rome, Milan and Turin). The Shenzhen-based company supports national operators such as Wind Tre and Open Fiber in construction. Smart cities (Digital cities) and 5G infrastructure in various Italian cities, in collaboration with the University of Rome-Dor Vergata and the Universities of Turin and L’Aquila. In Rome, in particular, a Note The agreement signed between ZTE and M5S Rocky Management in 2018 was awarded for the company‚Äôs participation in the construction of Capitoline 5G.

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The infiltration of Chinese education frightens not only Palazzo Chiki. The United States also proved to be very sensitive to this phenomenon. In 2018, the then US administration of Donald Trump accepted this China initiative, One of its objectives is to prevent the conclusion of educational agreements between American universities and Chinese universities / institutions “in shifting technology contrary to US interests”. The move divides the North American education world, believing that part of it is sacrificing international cooperation at the altar of geopolitical conflict.Finance.

One of the recent victims of China’s initiative Professor Harvard, who is said to be missing from US authorities Its economic-educational relations with Beijing. Charles Lieber, 62, former head of the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry at a Massachusetts-based university, has been sentenced by a Boston court to silence his financial contributions to China as part of his partnership with the University of Technology in Wuhan. This includes $ 50,000 a month, a daily stipend of $ 158,000 and a grant only one 1.5 million to set up a research center. It was not the cooperation that caused the disaster for Lieber, but rather the fact that he received grants from the Washington Department of Defense, failing to disclose the conflict of interest. However, now, Imprisonment for up to 26 years.

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