US elections 2024, will Biden run again? response in February

US elections 2024, will Biden run again?  response in February

US President Joe Biden has not yet decided whether or not to run for the White House in light of the 2024 elections. There are those in his circle who believe that “there is a strong and growing possibility that he could run again” and that even an announcement “could arrive sooner.” than expected, possibly as early as mid-February.” This is supported by Politico.

Biden started 2023 stronger politically than he did 12 months ago, buoyed by his party’s surprise success in the midterm elections, a strong string of legislative results and the resilience of the coalition to support Ukraine after the invasion of Russia. . Croix, the most important decision facing him is whether or not to seek re-election. And Biden notes that Politico “has not yet fully committed to another mandate, according to three people familiar with but not authorized to speak publicly about the private conversations.” “.

However, Politico notes that “there are still challenges on the horizon, from an economy that threatens to slow down, to war in Europe, to a Republican majority in the House of Representatives that threatens a deadlock. But there are those in the president’s circle who believe there is a strong and growing possibility that he will run.” again and that the announcement may come sooner than expected, perhaps as early as about mid-February, around the time he is scheduled to deliver his State of the Union address.” Although some Democrats, Politico notes, “continue to express concerns about Biden’s age,” who is 80, “their skepticism has been largely muted by the party’s November outcome.” “There are still concerns, and chief among them, according to the White House entourage, is the economy.”

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