A devastated family says goodbye

A devastated family says goodbye

The couple’s dog was poisoned and beaten by some criminals during a house robbery: the drama family members recounted on social media.

Dog’s paw (Image via Canva) – Ecoo.it

Dramatic story come fromArgentinaWhere some thieves will Poisoning And He hits a dog during a home burglary. Upon return, the family found the animal dying and took it to the hospital veterinarian.

Here, however, there was nothing to be done: the dog’s health conditions, due to intoxication, forced the doctors to do so. Curb. The family, after what happened, told everything about social network Infuriate users.

Argentina, thieves poison dog during robbery: doctors are forced to put it down

He is put down after being poisoned and attacked by some thugs. This is the story of a dog that comes from Castellara town in the province Buenos Aires (Argentina).

Thief (Image via Canva) – Ecoo.it

According to reports of the Argentine TV channel nation +a group of criminalsLast week, he snuck into the couple’s house where he was located Callie Berlin to 3900where their dog was. Thieves, to carry out theft, they have to hit And Poisoning Animal. At that point, they entered the house knocked out moneyAnd electronic devicesAnd gems and others Valuablesthen they ran away, and robbed toocar from Husband.

Once the owners returned to their home, they realized their dog was sick and took him to a veterinarianWhere he arrived in miserable conditions. Here, despite attempts to save him, the doctors could do nothing and proceeded to save him suppression for the dog. The damage was from poison and assault Very dangerous.

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Family story on social networking sites

Police (Image via Canva) – Ecoo.it

The family, grieving the dog’s death, decided to tell us all about it social networks. A story that moved many users, who launched an appeal to the authorities to find and punish in an exemplary manner responsible from this heinous act. Criminals are now wanted by Local authorities who are investigating.

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