The second edition between culture, science and politics

The second edition between culture, science and politics

Calabria in Fiori, 2nd Edition in Unical between Culture, Science and Politics

Calabria in Fiori is culture, science and politics together: three meetings with many guests to raise awareness about the fun, therapeutic and industrial use of cannabis, three live concerts, two exhibitions, DJ sets, stands and food at km0. This is how the 2022 program for the first Cannabis Festival in Calabria presents itself, developed by the Entropia APS Association, in collaboration with the Department of Chemistry of Unical and the free sponsorship of the municipality of Rende. The second edition, self-funded by crowdfunding and with absolutely free admission, will take place from 8-10 July in Rende (CS), at the Polyfunctional of the University of Calabria: at the DAM there will be a morning and afternoon section related to meetings, while we move in Evening to the amphitheater, where there is a dining area, live concerts and a gallery of young producers. “The scientific approach to the festival this year is even more clear, because we are at the University of Calabria, a place of culture and critical knowledge – declared Entropia President Daniela Ielasi – and the goal of Calabria in Fiore is to promote on cannabis secular and rational thought, free from false myths and prejudices.”

meet them. The festival opens on Friday, July 8 at 6 pm, with the presentation of the book by Antonella Soldo, Mentor of the national Meglio Legale campaign, entitled “Mamma mi mi le reeds” (Ed. Officina di Hank 2021). A guide to cannabis for parents and children, courageously addresses the essence of the “War on Drugs in the Name of Our Children,” analyzes the implications of ban policies on young people, and compares data with countries that have chosen the path of legalization instead. In addition to the author, journalist and Entropia Chair Daniela Ielasi, Consolidating Professor Giancarlo Costabile and Judge Emilio Sirianni will also be present.

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On Saturday 9th July, again at DAM at 6pm, there will be a round table titled “Therapeutic Cannabis and the Right to Health.” The first guest is Dr. Lorenzo Calvi, a surgeon in anesthesia, intensive care and pain therapy, as well as a member of the Technical Council of the Ministry of Health. And with him are two scientists, the unique educator Giancarlo Statti and the biotechnologist Giuseppe Battavarano. The meeting aims to highlight the scientific aspects related to the medical use of cannabis, but also to open thinking about the right to care for patients. For this reason, regional advisors Amalia Bruni and Ferdinando Laguy, Vice President and Member of the Health Committee of the Calabria Regional Council, were invited. The voice of patients and associations will be represented by Florinda Vitale (Cannabis Cura Sicilia).

Finally, on Sunday, July 10, we talk about “Green Gold: Past, Present, and Future of Industrial Hemp.” The roundtable, scheduled for 11 a.m. at DAM, will assess the prospects for rapid market expansion (particularly in the flowering and CBD sector) and the difficulties faced by the production world associated with Hemp’s supply chain, particularly the textiles and food sector. For this purpose, Ivan Nardone, from the National Economic Department of the CIA – Italian Farmers will attend. With him are three entrepreneurs: Rachel Invernessi, CEO of South Hemp Tecno srl, the first hemp fiber processing plant in the South, Mattia Cusani (Cannaba Sativa Italy), a member of Mipaaf’s technical schedule in the supply chain and Mario Grillo (Fattoria Biò), a tireless promoter of agriculture Membership in Calabria and local business system. In addition to the production side, there will be space for a scholarly focus curated by Consolidated Professor Anna Maria Napoli, and for a historical excursion by Marta Petrosevich, Rende’s culture advisor.

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Concerts. The sounds of Calabria in Fiori will be in harmony with the theme of the festival, and therefore reggae but not only with artists from southern Italy: Calabria, Basilicata and Campania. The protagonist of the first evening in the runway, Friday July 8 at 10 p.m., is Krikka Reggae. On stage across Italy for more than twenty years, the band was born on the shores of Bernalda Lucanian and bases its work on the use of dialect and paraphrasing of Jamaican music and lyrics related to social issues. Four albums plus one live, many collaborations with other artists (Roy Paci, Sud Sound System, 99 Posse and others), the most recent, the album with Calabrian Gioman & Killacat, which gave life to the new single released on June 17 “as long as the music play”.

Double date on Saturday 9th July. At 10 p.m., the Calabrian Armando Quatrone’s “Reggae Tarantula”, accompanied by the Calabrian All-Stars, arrives. Reggino by birth, Quattrone first established himself abroad, bringing the music of roots among immigrants to Germany. Today it offers a mix of sounds that entertain and lead the audience to dance. Next, the stage will be by Napoli Joven, aka Valerio Joffin, special guest Andrea Tartaglia. A career of more than twenty years, which began in 99 Posse, has continued in the squares and social places in Italy, passing through The Voice, without losing identity and the desire to reach a wider audience. The new single “L’uocchie tuoje”, made by Tartaglia, has been released and is available on the platforms.

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Festival area. Between meetings and the start of parties, a place to relax and good food. Friday 8 and Saturday 9 July, starting at 20, the Polifunzionale amphitheater will be transformed into a real festival area, where it will be possible to find fresh refreshments, music, food and handcrafted beer, thanks to a food and wine point curated by FattoriaBiò, the sponsor of the event, but also Several platforms with information and products sponsored by local companies Jure, CalabrianHemp and Elfi di Calabria, as well as DolcevitaMagazine, the event’s media partner, are in free distribution. Two exhibitions will also open to visitors in the area: one on hemp fibers and fabrics from the Donato Farro touring Museum, and the other titled “One Factory, Many Names, a Thousand Uses” curated by M Mooyo and D. Grazioso.

The festival will end on Sunday July 10th at 1pm in the name of Coexistence, with the “Original Japanese Calabrian Lunch” from Iku Otomo and Julia Secreti. In this case places are limited, to participate a reservation is required at [email protected], while the list is available on the website

All that remains is to enjoy the Calabria Intensive Program at Fiori, one of the most original events in our latitudes.

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