Elisabetta Gregoraci Prince Charming wanted: ‘There is no shortage of candidates’ but ‘they must pass the tests’

Elisabetta Gregoraci Prince Charming wanted: ‘There is no shortage of candidates’ but ‘they must pass the tests’

Elisabetta Gregoracci After her divorce from Flavio Briatore, she devoted herself to television and her career. However, even if Today she is still single Showgirl never loses hope Ready for a new relationship.

His heart is free and he is looking for a great new love, but he is not open to everyone. Indeed, the presenter of Calabria declared what requirements a man must respect in order to break his own heart.

While waiting for her return on the Battiti Live broadcast that will air from July 5, Elisabetta Gregoracci indulged in some statements about her health.The perfect blue prince.

Elisabetta Gregoracci: “I demand men”

The presenter and presenter spoke to Chi Weekly and talked about her way of life in relationships. “I am a romantic womanwho gets excited with songs”, but he mentioned that too Men are often intimidated by her strong personality.

“Fortunately there are some brave ones. I’m still a demanding woman who is not satisfied with There is no shortage of candidates“.

To express a new lover, she does not hesitate to introduce him to fans. “If there is, you will find out. Sometimes, when men are about to give them a chance, they fall in love with the little things. For that, until now, you haven’t seen me yet, because There are tests to be overcome“.

He also talked about a special ex of his and no, he’s not a Briatore. His old flame is Francesco Petuzzi, of whom he said: “We’ve been together for three years in complete secrecyBut the presence of Briatore’s ex-husband was there and her condition. We lived low lives and always went to places where they couldn’t recognize us, but in the long run I became patient with this situation and after many misunderstandings we broke up.”

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Elisabetta Gregoracci

Elisabetta Gregoracci: Single and Happy Also Thanks to GF Vip

Participation in the Big Brother Vip led by Alfonso Signorini helped Elisabetta Gregoraci find herself.

Showgirl says:It helped me become less impulsive and more reflectiveIt helped me read from the inside and pull out the things that were hidden. Getting to know each other so deeply can be devastating, but it’s a rewarding journey that improves our lives.”

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