Direction, plot, characters and settings (updated) –

Direction, plot, characters and settings (updated) –

GTA 6 Maybe he was a big victim a leak That revealed everything about the game: from a while Exit In the plotThrough characters, settings, campaign duration, reveal timing, reference platforms, and more.

It is a huge document, the result of the work of someone who has a lot of free time and imagination or actually depends on the original material of Grand Theft Auto VI. Several elements reflect recent leaks about the story, characters, and settings of GTA 6, but go into more detail.

According to this information, GTA 6 It will be officially announced this summerbut will be launched withinAutumn 2024 And the Only on next generation platforms, so PC, PS5 and Xbox Series X | S. PlayStation 4 and Xbox One will be left out, as it was legitimate to imagine a project with such timelines and ambitions.

In development since 2014, Grand Theft Auto 6 You will be proud of your campaign Duration About 75 hours and one a map That stretches for approximately 225 square kilometers in total, including locations such as Liberty State, Carcer City, Vice City, Cottonmouth and premises in South America.

The Ansar There will be three: Ricardo, Casey and Rose. The first is a former Colombian special agent obsessed with money and power, the second is a former boxer, reckless of the trio but without Trevor’s psychosis, while finally Rose is described as a woman who appears mean but is actually very cold and assertive, even sinister.

It will be possible Switch from one character to another Freely after the early stages of the campaign, even if the visual effect will be different from GTA 5, with a kind of quick zoom in the streets to the location of the hero we want to check, rather than a shot from above.

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GTA 5, official artwork with the three heroes

there Date From GTA 6 you will start with an introduction set in South America, as mentioned, and then evolve from Vice City, where Ricardo, Casey and Rose will have the opportunity to meet and decide to form a gang to pursue their goals.

The alleged leak includes a file the last The campaign, although it appears that some aspects are still subject to change, and a long list of supporting actors (with two Exciting returns), vehicles, music and more.

Modernization: The GTA VI LEAK Reddit account claims that the document does not actually contain information stolen from the Rockstar offices, but rather is a A bunch of rumors and reckless ideas He and other dropouts have shared it in the past.

GTA VI LEAK said: “I didn’t write the leaked document. It’s mostly based on my posts, but I didn’t write it.” “Whoever did this did a great job that must have taken a long time, but I didn’t. It’s not an official report or document as many people suggest. It’s a bunch of information from my posts as well as those. from others. Famous leaks.”

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