The “Science Festival 2022” was presented at Giuseppe Berto Science Secondary School in Vibo

The “Science Festival 2022” was presented at Giuseppe Berto Science Secondary School in Vibo

Vibo Valentia – At Liceo Scientifico Giuseppe Berto in Vibo Valentia, on April 26, a press conference was held entirely dedicated to presenting the “Science Festival 2022”, the first after a long period of blockade due to the epidemic, which has lasted at least two years.

The conference, presented by student Maria Giovanna Catania from Class 5C, saw the participation of many students involved in the project and beyond. The Director of the Institute, Professor Caterina Calabrese, opened the proceedings, providing some important details about the event. “The festival will take place at Palazzo Gagliardi, – the CEO started – a place of great importance for Vibo which this year is also the capital of books. This choice turned out to be ideal for getting the whole city involved in the festival, it makes it “more urban” as the executive herself stated, “ The festival belongs to the whole Vibo. Everyone should feel like a community in Vibo – continues the Director – cultural operators and companies, we need to work in synergy.” “The aim of the festival – emphasized Calabrese – is to spread scientific culture among students, and this event aims to show that the school is dynamic, active and interactive With its territory, helping it to grow. This year’s festival carries the word audacity, which means courage and resourcefulness, as it represents the will to regain the reins of life after years of uncertainty. The event’s focus is on the planet, towards astronomy, health and safety from social networks, a dangerous tool for fake news.” The director then specified that “the festival will take place over three days and that schools from all over Italy will participate in the laboratory’s activities. Entrepreneurs and companies will also show their superiority precisely to take the festival’s motto: Dare.” Then the director concluded by thinking: “We are facing a new school, a dynamic and young organism, young people must grow up free from the champions of positive change in our city.” After the director’s greetings, platform For the protagonists of this event: Students and Dr. Eugenio Mercury, Deuce of the Machine for the event. On March 8, two of them, Aurora Colassi and Fabrizio Vibraro, accompanied by the two Vice Deans, Professor Carmen Corrado and Professor Christian Gradia and Director, went to Trieste to present the festival in collaboration with the “Margherita Hack Foundation” .

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The Taliban announced the opening of the festival which will be held on April 28 at 9:30 am which will be based on the theme of war. Ilaria Colloca, a high school student and multiple award-winning champ, will perform for the occasion. There will be many conferences in collaboration with the Hack Foundation itself. On the first day there will be a seminar with the participation of the Dean of the Carabinieri Giuseppe Vadala, the historian and writer Professor Aldo Giannulli and Marco Santarelli, Director of the Foundation. This will be followed by international conferences in English and conferences by former students such as Dr. Enza Paulistina, ethicist and Dr. Fabiana Grillo or flight engineer Giuseppe Signoretta. It should also be noted some conferences held by university professors such as the conferences of the Greek Professor and Professor Spiron. There will also be interactive events that will engage spectators; Among them: presentations for books such as “The General Treaty of Guarantees: The New Paradigm of Social Intelligence” by Professor Mauro Alvesi, Professor at the University of the Mediterranean Reggio Calabria. An important space will then be allocated to young people and Europe, who will be the champions of the three days of activities related to the international program “ESAP”, in the Italian “Empassador School of European Parliament”. So the festival will be an opportunity to open up to Italy and the whole world, an aspect that has been neglected in the past two years due to the pandemic. A science competition, presented by Director Martina Impelizari, was also organized, which will take place in different stages during the days of the festival. Who Wants to Be a Scientist (that’s the title of the game) consists of a series of science-related questions. Participants will be internal and external to the institute, to give everyone the opportunity to challenge and have fun. As for the music, directed by Emma Dagnolo, various bands will play between schools and outside of schools, giving students of other participating schools the opportunity to perform. The province of Vibo Valentia also has the headquarters of Callipo Sport, a volleyball club that plays in the Premier League, to honor the city’s volleyball traditions. For the occasion, the Liceo Berto sports department organized a volleyball tournament, which will start today (yesterday’s edition). To introduce it is its director Simone Lentini. An initiative not to be overlooked is the “Sapere Aude” award initiative, a tribute to former students who have distinguished themselves in the workplace. In cooperation with the Margherita Hack Foundation, the “100% Hack Awards” will be held, which will continue on dates in Rome and Milan, the city where the final award ceremony will also take place: at Bocconi University on October 4-5, 2022; The award is intended for scientists, researchers and businessmen who have distinguished themselves by the value of their activities and their scientific publication, for which a youth section has been made available, under the coordination of our Technical Director, Dr. Eugenio Mercury. The theatrical project valued by Esther Tatanello and related to objective artificial intelligence close to those encountered by the festival was also presented, in collaboration with Professor Canatelli. The conference ended with the intervention of Dr. Mercury who announced the creation of a small museum of communications on April 28, the first in Italy. Monk will present a project called “Man’s Journey from an Endless Small Mind to an Endless Big Mind” through an exhibition of 30 pieces, including pieces from the 18th and 19th centuries.

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