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Science and Politics, Trainee Scientists – BariSeranews

It’s an obsession: you can’t get rid of Fabrizio Brigliasco, the state virologist, from the small screen, who reads his biography on “Trend online” ( did not, it would seem, a day from the laboratory; On the contrary, his career was entirely “administrative” until he became director of the CNEL (National Council for Economy and Labour).

Antonio Di Pietro would have exclaimed, “What a guess!”

So who is Fabrizio Pregliasco?

Besides a degree in medicine and surgery and two necessary specializations in Hygiene, Preventive Medicine and Toxicology, he has held, since 1991, a university research position in Public and Applied Health (Department of Biomedical Sciences, University of Milan).

At the age of 36, he joined the “Sacra Famiglia” Onlus Foundation of Cesano Boscone where he became Director. Since 2009 he has been the medical director of Ambrosiana Nursing Home, an NHS accredited hospital facility, which is controlled by the same organisation. Since 2005, he has served as Vice President of ANPAS (National Association for Public Aid).

He appeared on television as a virologist and scientist. It seems to us, at most, famous for science.

According to Adnkronos, what did the Honorable Fabrizio Brigliasco on Rai Radio 1, guest of Un Giorno da Pecora, say recently?

He expressed his personal appreciation for the potential victims of the Australian flu: “Twenty thousand deaths is a reasonable number.” And then, “If you have a cold, flu, or a slight fever, you’d better stay home and not go” (to dinner). And further, “perhaps I will limit myself to ten people” (the number of guests at dinner).

we will! As a statement by a scientist (or expert) that really sounds like a bit, that little is also said in spades.

Brigliasco claims to teach us how to live, saying, among other things, sheer vulgarity.

He seems to regard his audience as a little ignorant, a little puerile; Definitely sheep, certainly incapable of self-management.

One wonders why he is always on TV as if he is a star? One wonders why these directors, journalists, and editors schedule so short on subjects that they have to use repetitive, annoying, and boring characters, in look and feel and in theses?

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Be careful, though! There is a serious danger lurking.

Since these characters are scholars, one must listen to them respectfully and … even obey; Otherwise one could be considered as dangerous attackers to the safety of the community.

In fact, there is a deeper question hidden here.

Who is the world? Who spends the qualification of a scientist? What charlatan bears this responsibility?

A very important question because then we fall into the unresolved “mother of questions”: is science or politics prevailing?

In the first of the two questions, in the field of virology, if we compare the biography of Fabrizio Brigliasco with that of the late Luc Antoine Montagnier, we may immediately feel embarrassed.

We summarized the first approach from “Trend online”; From a second we summarize it from Wikipedia.

L.A. Montagnier was a French biologist and virologist, honorary director of the “National Center for Scientific Research” and the “Viral Oncology Unit of the Pasteur Institute in Paris,” who was awarded the Nobel Prize for the discovery of HIV, which lives in the laboratory. .

There is no history between the two approaches.

But Pregliasco is acclaimed in every way and on all the talk shows; While Montagnier had the scientific community against him because of his hypotheses regarding the origin of the SARS-CoV-2 virus.

Far from wanting to take a position on this particular “scientific” debate, but with a very “political” flavor, one cannot help but recall history.

Galileo Galilei was condemned three times, with the entire scientific community against him, for his “heretical” heliocentric theories.

With this, what matters here is the assertion that there are scholars and scholars: those who are in fashion, those who should be banned; those to be praised, those to be executed; Those “state”, those “against the state”.

And here, too, we understood who the ignorant charlatans are who decide who should qualify as a scholar, considering the syllabus to be meaningless.

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We know, however, that a scientist is one who follows a rigorous path of observation, inference, logic, elucidation, and experimentation without introducing prejudices, preconceptions, assignments, and preoccupations.

We can’t help but remember, here, an article in Sole24 Ore (dated October 8, 2020) by Andrea Gagliardi who described, amazed, the ballet of virologists and health institutions regarding masks, while Italy was buying €800m worth of useless products. Chinese masks.

We recall, to refresh your memory, some excerpts from the article.

“Masks for healthy people are useless,” said Walter Ricciardi (Consultant to the Ministry of Health), Alberto Villani (Head of the Complex Operations Unit for General Pediatrics and Infectious Diseases at Bambino Geseau Children’s Hospital and President of the Italian Pediatric Society). , Angelo Borrelli (Chief of Civil Protection), even the World Health Organization which, moreover, confirmed that “there is not enough scientific evidence of the fact that masks help a healthy person avoid infection” … and warned, for more, “on feeling False security that it can instill in the population, while abandoning other basic measures, such as hand hygiene practices and social distancing.”

All this until May: the ironic shift in June.

Someone might be tempted to justify the fiasco by appealing to the pretext of not knowing about the virus.

Although this is true, it was certainly known that the transmission was by air. Therefore, whoever – we want to emphasize “anyone” – called to make a decision, would have understood that a mask can significantly reduce the spread of infection due to the fact that it is an obstacle to the flow of aerosols.

When in doubt, it was appropriate to encourage mask use; However, when in doubt, its use was discouraged.

Who had to decide unless politics, in the face of such a blunder by science?

Now, the suspicion is legitimate: Have we had incompetent or perceptive politicians? Do we have pseudo-scientists or accomplices?

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Someone might think, maliciously, that they want to promote the spread of the virus, such is the disbelief associated with these bizarre decisions.

From the examples of Montagnier and Galileo, as well as from the aforementioned theme of “Masks”, we can derive mores.

Just as scientists are not all the same, and we know why, it is also an excuse to ask whether science or politics comes first.

Well, science is in the service of politics; Even fake.

In fact, the opposite can happen, but only when politicians are not qualified.

On the other hand, if someone declares that politics is in the service of science, it means that there is something unclear underneath: because the goals are always the power and control of the people.

demonstration? The use of nuclear energy in the last century is a typical historical example.

But also Brigliasco’s candidacy in the next regional elections in Lombardy, after the fame he has gained, is a typical example: a leader in a civic list in support of Pier Francesco Majorino, candidate for president of the Democratic Party and the Five Star Movement, emergency health care of the parties.

Meanwhile, for Pregliasco, virology doesn’t matter, research doesn’t matter, science doesn’t matter, scientific publication doesn’t matter: he just wants to tell people how they should live, even at the cost of his own credibility.

Doesn’t everything look like a reward for the work done? what about?

Think, while the scientific promoter dictated to the bull how to live, overflowing what we thought was his cultural fence as a virologist; Montagnier, as a virologist, has expressed scientific theses in his field of research.

Well, the first candidate for the people’s administration; The second is distorted.

Are we in the right place? Some suspicions seem legitimate.

Antonio Fox – President of “Sistema Paese” – Real Economy and Civil Society

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