Science Festival in Genoa from 26 October to 5 November: Aquarium and Città dei Bambini initiatives

Science Festival in Genoa from 26 October to 5 November: Aquarium and Città dei Bambini initiatives

Genoa – Costa Edutainment, member of the Science Festival Association since 2004 and the entity that manages Acquario and Città dei Bambini in Genoa, has renewed its support and participation in the scientific event that will take place in Genoa from 26 October to 5 November 2023 to delve deeper into the topic of “Footprints”. .

For the duration of the event Acquario di Genova offers workshops for families and schools “I’m With Our Shrimp. Italian Shrimp vs. Invasive American Shrimp” and “Architects of the Sea. Builders and Destroyers of the Underwater World.”

In the first laboratory, through interactive experiments and direct observation of these animals, we will learn about freshwater ecosystems and the threats they face. Crayfish are threatened above all by human activities – Habitat alteration, pollution, overfishing – and through the introduction of invasive alien species, the American crayfish, which compete with native crayfish and are considered a healthy carrier of a disease, crayfish plague, which fatally affects their Italian “cousins”.

Italian crayfish play a major role in maintaining the balance of aquatic ecosystems. To protect these endangered species, the European Union has funded the Life Claw project, which aims to Maintain and improve lobster stocks Austropotamobius pallipes in the northwestern Apennine region of the Italian regions of Emilia-Romagna and Liguria, through a long-term conservation programme.

In the Second laboratory, sponsored by Dafne Cooperative in collaboration with Costa Edutainment, through the game you will learn about the bio-constructions of the Mediterranean Sea, known as corals, which are mainly derived from the activity of certain red algae covered. We will consider the role and constructive or destructive footprint of different species in different environments and how the delicate natural balance is often disturbed by the so-called human footprint.

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Entry with a festival ticket or season ticket; Reservations are required for groups/schools.

Hours: Monday – Friday 10am – 4pm; Saturday and Holidays 10am – 6pm

Aquarium Friends participate in the Science Festival Wednesday’s science-themed proposal is “Traces in the Woods Tell Stories.” Conference speakers – Andrea Marsan, Distaff, University of Genoa, and Piero Genovesi, Senior Technologist at ISPRA – will explain how to study archaeology to understand the animal species present, and analyze the dynamics of animal populations and their interactions with the environment. And how new technologies support studies of camera traps, thermal projectors, drones, and DNA.

The meeting, with free admission until all available seats are filled, will be held at 5 pm on November 1 in the Aquarium Hall.

For information, 010/2345.279-323, [email protected],

It is also a city for children and teenagers In its new guise as an experience museum dedicated to the five senses, it is the site of the laboratory “You cannot see with your eyes alone. New ways of seeing with all our senses”, organized by the Italian Institute of Technology (IT). A laboratory to put yourself in the shoes of blind or visually impaired people and understand how they are able to use their other senses to do everyday things and how technology can help them. Four activities are proposed, each dedicated to one of the other senses: hearing, touch, smell, and perception.

Entry with a festival ticket or season ticket; Reservations are required for groups/schools.

Hours: Monday – Friday 10am – 4pm; Saturdays and holidays from 10 am to 6 pm

to Science Festival Day Pass or Season Pass holdersThere are discounts on entrance tickets to the Genoa Aquarium and the Children’s and Teenagers’ City purchased at the ticket office (valid until 12/31/2023). Visitors to the Aquarium and Citta dei Bambini are entitled to the discounted price of both the Day Ticket and Season Ticket, upon showing their ticket at the Festival Ticket Office.

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During the festival days, the structures will adhere to the following operating hours:

Genoa Aquarium: 9am – 8pm (last entry at 6pm).

Children and Teenagers City: 10am – 6pm (last entry 4pm).

Biosphere: Until 31.10 every day from 10am to 6pm (last entry at 5.30pm). In November every day from 10am to 5pm (last entry at 4.30pm).

Peugeot Panoramic Lift: until 31.10 on Monday from 2pm to 6pm (last ascent at 5.45pm); Tuesday – Saturday 10am – 6pm (last ascent 5.45pm). In November it is closed from Monday to Friday. Saturday, Sunday and Holidays (1 November) 10am – 5pm (last boarding 4.45pm).

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