Screening of “Wunderkammer. Chambers of Wonders” – UniboMagazine

Screening of “Wunderkammer. Chambers of Wonders” – UniboMagazine

Opening Night Review The Aldrovandi Code: Interpreting the World with Science. Presented by: Giovanni Mollari (Rector of the University of Bologna), Roberto Balzani (Head of the University Museum System) and Francesco Seti (Head of the Library of the University of Bologna).

What is wonder and what does it mean to collect? The Wunderkammer, also called the Chambers of Wonder, was born in the 16th century among royalty and eclectic collectors. Unusual places around the world, some collections have given rise to the contemporary concept of the museum which has brought us the most prestigious exhibitions of opulent villas and castles. The priceless quirky anomaly is still found in private collections.

From June 16 to July 12 2022

Bougie Palace, Courtyard of Hercules (Avenue Zamboni, 33 – Bologna)

Free entry, subject to availability

A cycle of eight evening dates in the aftermath of Ulisse Aldrovandi (1522-1605), one of the early “exponents” of scientific knowledge in the modern era: performances, meetings, and performances to be held in an evocative setting in the Hercules Courtyard of Palais Bougie.

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