“MEDNIGHT” begins the first “Researchers’ Night” initiative.

“MEDNIGHT” begins the first “Researchers’ Night” initiative.

On September 29, the University Presidency will host the appointment with the “Mediterranean Researchers’ Night” – or simply “MEDNIGHT” (now in its fourth edition). On this occasion, Messina will join more than 400 European cities in celebrating the great European Science Festival. The activities at the University – of which there will be 70 in total – will be preceded two days before, by an initiative on September 27 entitled “Mediterranean Landing” and consisting of two successive performances: at 7 pm, in the Aula Cannizzaro of the Central Campus, the unmissable performance “Cinque “Stanze per Stefano D’Arrigo” (Compagnia Insana) by Dario Tomasello, with Maria Luisa Cucinotta, Federica Giglia, Aurora Grasso, Eliseo Lardometta, and Dario Tomasello.

The show aims to evoke the domestic space of the author, Stefano D’Arrigo, as the construction site of his own novel, where elements and suggestions evoking the breath of the Mediterranean are intertwined, in a continuous cycle and recycling of lights and shadows. .

Then, at 7.45pm at the Aula Magna, you will be able to attend the A. Corelli Conservatory concert, “The Four and Forty”, with Mariano Scarpaci, Bianca Leo, Roberto Ceraulo, Sabrina Antonuccio, Antonio Donzi and Fabio Giacopo.

On September 29, at the University Presidency, events will be held in context “Researchers’ Night” whose main goal is to emphasize and enhance the role of women in scientific research. particularly, From 5 pm to 9 pm, 20 activities dedicated to the little ones will be organised, thanks to which researchers from the University of Messina will engage the young guests in games, tests, experiments and scientific demonstrations.

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At 5.30pm, a ‘tactile’ guided tour will begin from the rectory, which has been specially adapted to meet the needs of the visually impaired and the blind, and which will take you through the main monuments of Messina from the statue of Laocoon to the bronze panels of the church. The cathedral portal, the statue of John of Austria, and the ancient columns of the Church of the Catalans allow for a fascinating and comprehensive reading of our lands.

At 6.30pm, the guest of honor of the event, President of RAI Meteo Claudia Adamo, will engage the youngest in a talk show entitled “Spazio Meteo per Ragazzi”.

From 7pm to midnight, another 50 activities open to the public will take place, including experiments, demonstrations, labs, questionnaires, quizzes and quizzes.

The award ceremony for the “MEDNIGHT Challenge” competition, directed at high school students, will be held at 11:30 pm.

One of the main goals of MEDNIGHT is to promote science advocacy using formats and activities that are attractive to all family members, and to highlight the value of science in society. Experiments, workshops, exhibitions and scientific presentations for all types of audiences are some of the formats used. Another attraction of the event is the EU Corner, a place where participants show that the progress of science requires the cooperation of many countries, which is why funding European projects is so important.

The aim of the project is to demonstrate the social impact of science in the Mediterranean region, paying special attention to the figure of female researchers, who is often forgotten in this field. In order to give greater importance to women researchers in the Mediterranean region, the public will be able to see some exhibitions created and authored exclusively by women scientists. Furthermore, MEDNIGHT has an online audio-visual section “MEDNIGHT TV”, which includes interviews with Mediterranean science experts, experiments, workshops and scientific expeditions in the Mediterranean. (https://mednight.eu/mednighttv/).

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MEDNIGHT sees the participation of research centers from 7 countries in the consortium: Spain, Italy, Greece, Cyprus, Turkey, France and Belgium. FISABIO, INCLIVA, CSIC, MUDIC, El Kaleidoscopio, SciCo Cyprus, University of Messina, Kadir Has University of Istanbul, and the European University Women Rectors Association (EWORA), coordinated by SciCo Greece are MEDNIGHT partners, with Genopolys as collaborator. . MEDNIGHT has received funding from the European Union through the “Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions and Citizens” call for the “Horizon Europe” programme.

More information can be found at the links https://mednight.eu/?lang=it And https://mift.unime.it/it/terza-mission/MEDNIGHT. Contacts: Marina Trimarchi – [email protected]; Ricardo Dominguez – [email protected]

Social networking at midnight:

Web – https://mednight.eu/

Twitter – https://twitter.com/mednighteu

Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/mednighteu/

Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/MednightScience

Youtube – https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCDK5TmcUa9-HiBADpeFdbHw

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