Biden is trailing Trump in approval in Hollywood with doubt over whether that will impact the election

Joe Biden attends a glamorous fundraising event in Los Angeles on Saturday for the Democratic Party. A work in which the comedian and presenter of the ABC television network Jimmy Kimmel He will be interviewing Biden and former President Barack Obama and they have already confirmed the attendance of Hollywood figures such as themselves George Clooney I Julia Roberts.

It will be an event packed with actors and names from the entertainment world that Democrats want to promote Nomination of Joe Biden despite of Low popularity rates why me Concerns about their health condition. They have already announced that the group is moving beyond 28 million dollars.

Another great actor who has repeatedly shown their support for Joe Biden’s candidacy is Robert De Niro. Now I’ve gone one step further. A few weeks ago, De Niro warned that Donald Trump “wants revenge and will do nothing to get it.”

The actor’s own voice narrates a Biden campaign ad called “Snapped,” in which he asserts that… Trump will be ‘out of control’ During his previous term, he was warned that if he won the election again, he would become… ‘Potential dictator’.

Not only that, but Robert De Niro spoke in front of the New York courthouse where Trump was on trial and convicted of falsifying business records. De Niro appeared with posters He called Trump a “clown.” He asked people not to vote for him on November 5.

Robert De Niro in front of the court that tried Donald Trump in New York (Reuters/Brendan McDiarmid)

In the world of music, too, the amount of popular support is tilted in favor of Joe Biden. Lenny Kravitz and Barbara Streisand They have repeatedly come out for Biden and led private fundraising efforts for the Democratic campaign.

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There are fewer celebrities who have clearly positioned themselves for Donald Trump. the actor Dennis Quaid He is one of his supporters. Another usual support for the Republican candidate was Chuck Norris, Rock kid s Kelsey Grammer (TV Dr. Fraser).

But all experts agree that in this US election campaign, it is difficult to repeat a mobilization like the one that took place in 1960. In the golden years of Hollywood, the film and music industries were clearly in favor of Trump’s candidacy. john f. Kennedy. Mobilization led by Frank Sinatra.

Taylor Swift, the cake topper

Until election night arrives in the United States, on November 5, the campaign will have before and after if Joe Biden gets the public support of Taylor Swift, the artist who is currently moving audiences on a global scale.

According to the director of the Campbell Institute of Public Affairs, who has studied numerous Democratic and Republican campaigns, someone like Taylor Swift “is one of the few people who can… Attracting the decisive vote In this election, moreover, Among young votersWho find Biden’s candidacy unattractive.

In 2018, Taylor Swift’s remarks won 65,000 new Democratic voters (Reuters/Kim Kyung-hoon)

Taylor Swift has expressed her support for the Democratic Party on several occasions, but she has yet to speak in favor of either candidate this campaign. According to experts, speaking out in favor of one candidate or another in a polarized election like this one It could hurt your career. In 2020, Swift publicly showed her support for Democrats:

And it doesn’t feel like a repeat of what happened in 2018 when Swift He supported both Democratic candidates who competed in their home state of Tennessee. Although the singer would not have been as globally popular as she is now six years ago, her pro-Democrat stance propelled them. 65 thousand new voters in just 24 hours.

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First discussion on June 27

With somewhat popular support from prominent figures in music and film, Donald Trump and Joe Biden will hold the first of two scheduled televised debates on June 27.

It will be a 90-minute debate with a commercial break At CNN headquarters in Atlanta. The discussion will be Without an audienceJoe Biden’s preferred formula.

As a matter of trivia, the network reported that both candidates’ microphones will be turned off while their opponent’s turn comes in. This will avoid interruptions. And so are the candidates They will not be able to enter with notes or documents The seven and their political advisors will not be able to enter to speak with them until the end of the discussion.

The second debate will be held on ABC on September 10.

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