Ukraine, advisers from 18 Russian regions demand Putin’s resignation due to defeats in the East: “They investigated him for high treason”

Ukraine, advisers from 18 Russian regions demand Putin’s resignation due to defeats in the East: “They investigated him for high treason”

Defeats and loss of territory, even strategic ones, in the EastUkraine Do not go unpunished a He flies. But if the commanders of the forces engaged at the front promptly pay, political repercussions It seems that some confirmed facts about the figure are also starting to crack Russian President Vladimir Putin. That’s how, while Kyiv He continues to spread news about the regions of the country in the hands of the Russians who were recaptured by the army Volodymyr Zelenskyand members of municipal councils 18 districts of Moscow and Saint Petersburg Asked The resignation of the Russian president Alleging that his actions “harm the future of Russia and its citizens,” he said Novaya Gazeta Europe Quoted from the Twitter account of one of the council members. The harsh, and even risky, situations that follow those that bear a name that is not marginal in the Russian political and military scene, the scene of the Chechen leader, Ramzan Kadyrov, who on Sunday called Moscow’s strategy “wrong” in the Ukrainian context, adding that if things had not changed, he would have personally gone to the Defense Ministry. Meanwhile, the last high-ranking army to jump is the team Roman Berdnikovthe commander of the Western Military District who had also led the Union’s intervention in Syriawas removed from the assumed position only at the end of August precisely because of the defeats obtained on the battlefield.

Rebel advisors – Last week, seven members of the “Smolninskoye” district council of St. Petersburg asked deputies to the National Duma Putin investigated for ‘high treason’ to invade Ukraine and accused of it ‘insulting the army’. The new “gag” law prescribes a prison sentence of up to 15 years for publishing information about the military that authorities must deem “false,” effectively banning criticism of the war in Ukraine. However, the charges against members of the Petersburg City Council are of an administrative, not criminal, nature.

Kadyrov advances the attack After criticism of Moscow’s military strategy, the Chechen leader and a big supporter of Vladimir Putin, Ramzan Kadyrov, once again gave his voice, declaring that The return of their elite units On the Ukrainian battlefield, led by Adam Delimkhanov“They returned to the Special Military Operations Zone of Ukraine after a period of rest,” he wrote on his Telegram channel. The Russian Defense Spokesman, Igor Konashenkovassures that the Moscow offensive does not stop: “The Russian air and space forces continue to carry out precise attacks against units and reserves of the Ukrainian Armed Forces” in the areas where they advanced in the Kharkiv region.

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The new purges and the Moscow novel – According to intelligence from KyivThe Russia He dismissed the lieutenant general from his post Roman Berdnikovthe commander of the Western Military District who had also led the Union’s intervention in Syria. But the negative results on the battlefield do not limit the aggressiveness of Moscow’s statements: Dmitry MedvedevThe Vice-President of the Security Council, in fact declared that “Zelensky said that he would not talk to those who issue ultimatums. These “alerts” are only a small warm-up to the conditions that will be created in the future, namely Complete surrender to the Kyiv regime on Russia’s terms.” The same words used by the Kremlin spokesperson, Dmitriy Peskov, which repeats: Russia will continue its special military operation in Ukraine “until all its goals are achieved.” It wasn’t long before the Ukrainian president responded, and even this does not appear to be geared toward potential talks: “Sanctions cannot be lifted. We can’t discuss anything with Russia until you leave. It is possible that after the war we will talk about the lifting of some sanctions, reparations and payments on their part, and diplomacy. We can involve the leaders of any country and any international institution in these negotiations, but only after Russia has left all our lands.” Still on the subject of sanctions, Russian President Vladimir Putin He said Moscow was “confidently facing external pressures,” adding “the financial and technological aggression of some countries.” The economic tactics of blitzkrieg, the offensive on which they were counting, did not work, and this is already clear to everyone, and to them. ” Peskov said that the head of the Kremlin was aware of the situation of Russian troops on the battlefield.

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Field DevelopmentsAmong the cities taken from Kyiv there is also isium. mayor Valery Marchenko Al . said courier That the center is surrounded by Ukrainian troops: “The fighting is still inside, small pockets of Russian resistance. We are glad to be able to go home again, but at the same time we are sad, because we know the price that was paid. preparations They are the biggest problem. I doubt we will be able to restore the heating system before winter arrives. My job now is to repair the infrastructure and deal with the humanitarian situation.” According to the first calculations made by local authorities, there are at least a thousand deaths, and 80% of the buildings are destroyed.

According to reports from the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in a Facebook post, over the past 24 hours, Kyiv has recovered more than 20 settlements in areas Kharkiv And the DonetskHe continued that the Russian forces “launched 18 missile strikes and 39 air strikes against military and civilian targets across Ukraine and carried out another” terrorist act” by launching a missile attack on the Kharkiv Thermal Power Plant,” a criticism of the city’s infrastructure. Partial power outages in different parts of the country. Ukrainian conquests also in the area KhersonWhere were they filmed? 500 square kilometers The army said. And the Ukrainian forces once again pushed themselves, at least with their weapons, even beyond the borders with Russia: according to the governor Belgorodquoted taxAt least provocatively, Kyiv bombed the Russian border region 1 dead and 4 injured.

As the Ukrainian army liberates the reoccupied lands, news arrives that a new area has been discovered “torture room” in a city frying, in the eastern region of Kharkiv. Report it on Facebook Mariana Bezogla, a deputy from the Servant of the People’s Party to which President Volodymyr Zelensky belongs, who also posted some photos of the room. “Balaklia. Execution room. Cellar. Instructions about “Ukrainian Nazism” were plastered on the walls, near a chair with a hammer, duct tape and used gloves. In another room there are traces of blood,” the parliamentarian wrote. Similar news comes from the neighbor Zaliznychnewhere is the The bodies of four civilians bearing signs of tortureAccording to the Ukrainian Prosecutor’s Office.

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The Bombing In the meantime keep going: At least four civilians were killed as a result in the Kharkiv and Donetsk regions of eastern Ukraine. Another was killed and two others were wounded in the city of Kharkiv. written by mayor, Ihor Terekov, on Telegram noting that “a residential building in the Novovarsky district” was hit. For his part, the head of the Donetsk Regional Military Administration said, Pavlo Kirilenkowrote that “On September 11, the Russians killed three civilians in the Donetsk region, a Felicia NovosilkaAnd the Romanivka And the Bakhmut. Eight other people were injured.” Several explosions were also heard last night in Zaporizhia, a city close to the nuclear power plant of the same name in which the European Chancellery, the last of which is French, is trying, together with international organizations, to reach a compromise between the parties to a local ceasefire that would limit the risks of a nuclear accident. But when you disarm from the factory it comesNateMoscow, with Peskov repeating: “The withdrawal of Russian troops from the Zaporizhzhya nuclear power plant is not planned.” The position has already been expressed after pleas United nations Over the past few weeks, explaining that the presence of the Kremlin forces represents one “security guarantee”. Indeed, the control of the power plant puts Moscow in a position to be able to blackmail the opponent, as evidenced by the shutdown of the last active reactor, for example by disconnecting the electricity supplying the surrounding areas.

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