The sale of masks and antigen containers in Tarragona pharmacies is skyrocketing

The sale of masks and antigen containers in Tarragona pharmacies is skyrocketing

Sales of masks and antigen tests have soared. The high incidence of respiratory viruses fills Tarragona's pharmacies with people who need masks to get to health centers or who want to know if they have coronavirus or influenza.

Demand for antigen tests, especially pooled ones that allow the diagnosis of coronavirus, influenza A or B, already began to rise at the end of November and during the December bridge. Since then, it has been growing and was very loud during the days leading up to Christmas, in preparation for gatherings with friends and family. Now many of them are on demand as well, but Tarragona pharmacies have enough stock. This is what the representative of pharmacies in the city of Tarragona, affiliated with the College of Pharmacists, Anthony Salazar, told Radio Tarragona.

The demand for masks has also increased greatly, especially after the announcement that they must be worn to reach health centers, a measure that will continue, at least, for another two or three weeks. Most opt ​​for surgical devices but they also sell a lot of FFP2, which offers greater protection. What disappeared from the map was the hydroalcoholic gel. Pharmacists recommend washing hands frequently, avoiding crowding, or wearing a mask in these cases. In the case of coronavirus or influenza, which greatly affects the throat, they advise drinking plenty of water, paracetamol or ibuprofen, resting and passing the illness at home.

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