The Taliban’s Denial Science Serum (with Professor Pedro Morago)

The Taliban’s Denial Science Serum (with Professor Pedro Morago)

Let’s start with good news, beautiful pictures and a beautiful message. Welcome signs and flowers appeared in Forlì and other towns for the reinstated sanitation workers who are finally back at work. This is a beautiful signal heading towards a return to normal life, which celebrates health workers who have regained their basic rights. One would have expected that the Taliban in the health dictatorship, in the face of evidence of their mistakes and lies, would have apologized and welcomed this comeback with signs of détente and appeasement and instead…

In Lombardy, health workers who have been reinstated without immunization will not have contact with fragile patients. In fact, the Provincial Assembly unanimously approved the proposal put forward by Samuel Astuti (Workers’ Party). The irrational ruling pleases the new chancellor, Guido Bertolaso: “They will go to perform jobs, but we must protect the sick.”

Why do they keep making their decisions based on a lie? In terms of the severity of the infection, there is no difference between a vaccinated and an unvaccinated person, as these vaccines do not stop the transmission of infection, and even some studies indicate that an unvaccinated person is more dangerous, so what game are they playing?

Surgeon Vincenzo Carrosa: “If you don’t return the venous blood machines to the hospital, I’ll leave them! Medicine is serious business. No joke!” Said and done: A letter of resignation has arrived addressed to the “Mr. Minister of Health” and “colleague Schillaci”. A few lines, but very harsh, to accompany the image of your badge.

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“The right is given to witches (non-radical doctors),” Vincenzo Carrozza wrote on Facebook, “to return to practicing medicine in the wards and wards of NHS hospitals. The right is given to potential infected people who infect hospitalized patients and are thus fragile by definition. As a surgeon, I am given the right I cannot accept that my profession and the health of so many patients are placed in the hands of five thousand potential touchers. For this reason all that remains for me, as an act of civil protest, is to tender my resignation.”

They stopped spreading terror with daily bulletins, but they can’t wait to start again, but some doctors, like Giorlandino, say covid is now less dangerous than the flu. Let’s listen to Giorlandino in Fori dal Coro

This is not enough, now someone is beginning to admit that they made decisions not based on science but based on nothing, nothing! Let’s listen to Professor Roberto Bernabe in his Restart broadcast on RAI2. But prof. Barnaby gives us another pearl, the euthanasia of elderly insane people.

Euthanasia of the poor and sick in other countries is indeed a sad reality

October 20, the post was removed from Facebook

Obviously afraid of Covid-19, Spirlì was publicly vaccinated in Taurianova (Reggio Calabria), the first dose on May 15, 2021, the subsequent second dose in June and then the third dose on December 1, 2021.

Therefore, Spirlì made the vaccine “for others” and, after three doses in less than six months last year, today complains of serious health problems that he blames on those vaccines that he clearly calls “toxins”. In a very scathing Facebook post titled “Vaccini in vein or The 120 Days of Sodom”, Spirlì wrote this morning “It was petty. And they forced us to eat it. Exposed and slaves, as in the ugliest scenes in PPP’s masterpiece. convinced by institutional coercion that it was a delicacy. It was dirty and it ran through our veins. For us, and only for us, a storm of pain such as no one knew was raining down body and soul. From heart disease to rheumatism. From nails in the bones to confusion in the head. And that damned vertigo that shakes your legs and chest! Corks in the hands replaced flesh. Balance gives way and the chest rises. They say it’s normal, but normal it’s not!!! Before this devilish farce, there was none! They call them vaccines, hell labs, but they only release modifications! worst! From the series, if they don’t die from the virus, don’t worry, we’ll take care of the “cure”. Many of us signed for it. For love more often. To save, afraid of the possibility of the irreparable, grandparents, children, love. Today, instead of the bakery, we line up at the pharmacy. To consume sweetened almonds in different colors! And the poison continues. Sad, this long end of the world! The winds of war stirred and imposed. oceans of synthetic toxins. Alien virus invasion. Good humanity will not succeed! Who knows, those sacraments…maybe, not maybe, the only good medicine is prayer. At least, relax…”

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The Professor Pedro Morago A university professor who teaches scientific research methods in England and specializes in the critical evaluation of scientific research studies.

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