The salary broke the record. You will never believe how much he earns

The salary broke the record.  You will never believe how much he earns

Eleonora Danieli and her unusual income: everything we know about the host and her “purse”. Numbers that no one expected.

Among the active and well-known Rai presenters, Eleonora Daniele stands behind mess box This allowed her to grow and mature TV professional. Also from an economic point of view. Journalist, presenter and actress Eleonora Danieli is known today for her talk show “Italian stories“, where is she Personal story and life in the first person He is the protagonist from each episode. I actually started Eleonora Daniel from the antagonists network, Mediaset, thanks Big brother. The rest came by itself.

From Reality to Delivery: Eleonora Daniel’s Path

after, after Certificate in Communication Sciences Eleonora Daniele got into LUMSA, and begins the road to becoming professional journalist; The title obtained in 2016. But since 2001 the presenter can be seen on the big screen on “Do you know the latest?“.

The program that represents its launch pad is “Big brother‘, in which Eleonora Daniele participates, and who are disposed of to episode ten.

Eleonora Daniel

thereafterIn his presence and expanding his roles In many TV shows and movies, including “The Team”, “Un posto al sol”, “Right of defense”, “Carabieri 3”, “Unomattina” and “Ciak … si canta!” And “Linea Verde”, “Estate Live” and many other formats and other successful episodes.

serious bereavement

There is a special aspect that Eleonora Daniele revealed recently, during an interview with her Mara Venere. The imperfection and sadness are still alive in the heart and memory: ” When you are in great suffering, you have a greater sensitivity to tell about others that you have had a hard time. There was a moment in my life that profoundly changed me and it is Losing Luigi, my autistic brother.

When he passed away four years ago, For me, everything has changed. As if time had stopped You are left without life. Days and years can pass, but Such great love cannot pass“.

Eleonora Daniel Haddad

Sincere words, arising from a lot of affection and strong bonds, never melt in the mind.

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According to one of the famous newspapers, the income of Eleonora Daniel will be really interesting. 1200 euros for each bet Management of “Italian Stories”, for a total 24,000 euros per month. In fact, the program is broadcast five days a week.

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