The Revenue Agency arrives on WhatsApp with tax updates and much more: registrations are open

The Revenue Agency arrives on WhatsApp with tax updates and much more: registrations are open

Important news regarding how to obtain information from the Tax Authority. Now it is also possible via Whatsapp

Receive Tax information and updates, But not only that, it has become a little easier than today. In fact, a new service has been introduced that will make it easier for taxpayers, helping them obtain without much difficulty all the information they need related to income, pensions, contributions, bonuses, privileges, deductions, rebates, exemptions and Everything related to your tax situation.

How the new revenue agency service works on WhatsApp ( / ansa source)

to’Revenue Agency Actually it is officially Landed on WhatsAppthe most widely used instant messaging app in the world, with an active channel since September 13, 2023. Let’s see what it is and how it works.

The Revenue Agency looks to the future: the new service for taxpayers is available on Whatsapp

Thanks to the Whatsapp channel the agency has already started Direct line with citizens To provide them with all tax information in a very simple and fast way. All tax topics can be covered on this channel, while ensuring complete confidentiality. To be able to use the service WhatsApp channel Simply subscribe to start receiving updates.

Revenue Agency, security guaranteed on WhatsApp channel ( / ansa source)

It is a new tool to transfer not only information but also photos, videos, etc other multimedia materials, Without interfering with private chats open on Whatsapp. The project arises from the fact that the revenue agency was Selected by Meta To try this new function, the first Italian public administration to do so.

everyone Users will gain access gradually Via smartphone or PC (via WhatsApp Web) To the new channel: It is important to emphasize that it is a Transfer information in one directionTherefore, we do not have a channel through which we write to the agency, but rather we receive news and news from it.

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The project is designed to ensure Maximum security and confidentiality. The protection of personal information is virtually guaranteed, starting from the phone number and profile pictures of channel members. You will be sure that no data will be shown to other users at all.

the next From joining the service Just log in to the section “Updates” From the application to find the different channels available, all in a way that is completely independent of private chats with friends and relatives. In short, it kind of is Newsletter in the modern versionTotally worth a try.

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