The sighting of the Northern Lights will be increasingly frequent: the reason leaves scientists speechless

The sighting of the Northern Lights will be increasingly frequent: the reason leaves scientists speechless

The northern lights are one of the most evocative displays that nature has to offer us. Well, get used to the idea of ​​being able to see him every day

It is one of the most amazing and impressive weather phenomena. In fact, every year thousands of people take trips to places and countries where seeing the Northern Lights can be even more evocative. Today, for lovers of this natural beauty, good news. The northern lights will be increasingly frequent and therefore increasingly visible. Scientists tell us why The explanation leaves everyone speechless.

The northern lights are a An optical phenomenon of the Earth’s atmosphere, visually characterized by bright bands that take on a wide range of shapes and colorsIt changes rapidly in time and space. Scientists’ curiosity arises from the fact that there is expected to be a significant increase in viewing of the Northern Lights next year. As mentioned, scientists immediately started looking for explanations for why this happened and discovered something exciting.

During solar max (the period of maximum solar activity during the solar cycle) the Sun will produce auroral displays much larger than average. Sunspots – which emit the solar flares that cause the aurora – will become twice as likely during solar maximum. truly, Some people believe that the northern lights can be seen every day, Whereas until five years ago, you sometimes had to wait several weeks before you could admire this revelatory phenomenon.

This is why we will see the Northern Lights more often

Perhaps it is this rarity that also contributes to making the Northern Lights such a special phenomenon. However, perhaps we can now see it more frequently. Solar maximum occurs when solar activity reaches its peak, which occurs approximately every 11 years. The next high point was expected to be in July 2025. However, Solar maximum will reach sooner than expected, in mid-to-late 2024. So, for enthusiasts, the countdown may have already begun.

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Northern Lights scene – (

So, in the coming months, sunspots — which spit out the solar flares that cause the northern lights — will become twice as likely during solar maximum, which lasts three to five years. So, expect to be impressed by those red, pink and purple shades that are generally rarer than the green waves.

Sunspots, which are black areas on the Sun’s surface, are particularly active areas that can “expel” solar wind toward Earth. When these streams of highly charged particles collide with Earth’s magnetic field, they cause the upper atmosphere to glow. Thus, the epic spectacle of the northern lights.

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