It is not true that Inter is stronger than Milan, but rather Inzaghi is better than Pioli first page

It is not true that Inter is stronger than Milan, but rather Inzaghi is better than Pioli  first page

It is clear that every time they play against them, Inter mistreat Milan One is tempted to say that Inzaghi’s team is stronger than Pioli’s. However, if you think for a moment and look at the last championship standings (72 points for Inter, 70 for Milan) and the pre-derby standings (although very partial, 3 match days) Why don’t we say that the whole difference is in direct confrontations and therefore in direct confrontations between coaches?

Who are the players who will make the difference for Inter? Who should change shirts to rebalance values? Maybe a minyan? Maybe Theo Hernadez? Or is Liao the strongest player in the tournament? After spending the summer praising Captain America and the giant Loftus-Cheek, the genius Reinders and the little genius Chukwueze, and all the bragging about how good he is and how good this guy is, the two teams meet again and it’s over like never before. . So, were they all wrong and Milan brought in another batch of mediocre players?

The truth is that Milan bought too much, even too much in some departments, and badly forgot What he needed most was a defender and a striker, not a deputy to Giroud, but a true starter, for whom the 37-year-old Frenchman had to be a substitute. Lukaku, to name a few. Instead, he looked for Thuram and took Jovic, who had been dumped by Fiorentina just hours before the transfer window closed. In defense, Pellegrino, who no one knew.

But there’s also the way you put players on the field, whether they’re new or old. Pioli didn’t play with the big players when he had the good ones (Kessie, Tonali, Bennacer) but he does now as he has only Krunic left, a useful tradesman and little more, except then – the club’s brilliant idea of ​​the season – to support him in the build-up with a full-back. Hammerfoot like Calabrian. It can work the first time, but not so with a team with strong wingers like Inter and with midfielders always ready to insert themselves: Add an exposed side to the hole in the middle and you’re in trouble. Then with Kjaer behind us. Pioli may have imitated Guardiola, but next time everyone will imitate Inzaghi. Who left the ball in Calabria: keep it, show us what you do with it, and we actually saw it.

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Pioli had 4 attacking players when Messias and Silemaekers were in the team, and now he has 3 players after the arrival of Chocó and Pulisic. There is something that cannot be added up, even simply mathematically. Within a year, he did not seem to understand the true role of CDK and even Okafor himself had been captured by him Moneyball To be a striker, but when they talked to him, they realized he was actually a winger. I think Milan faced him twice last year.

Inzaghi inherited Inter from coach Antonio Conte, who left because the club no longer had ambitious plans. From year to year they dismantle his team and he has to rebuild it every time. He has reached the Champions League final and this year will try again to win the Serie A title, his only failed goal so far. But Inter has a strong identity, it is a team that grows from month to month. When she meets Milan she seems perfect, but she isn’t yet.

Inzaghi understood and showed that he knows how to overshadow Leao, the strongest player in the tournament, the real scheme of the 2022 Scudetto, Who also had Milan’s only outburst of the evening. Pioli still doesn’t understand anything about Inter and how they play, He’s been hit by balls in Saudi Arabia, Italy and Europe. Last year, at a certain point, Paolo Maldini noticed it too, although he recently made the coach sign a two-year renewal (expiry runs from 2023 to 2025). Cardinale did it first and eliminated Maldini, who might have been less easy to deal with in moneyball.

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