The recent quarrel between Lecce and Verona, D'Aversa apologizes: “Not a headbutt, but a bad example” – Football

The recent quarrel between Lecce and Verona, D'Aversa apologizes: “Not a headbutt, but a bad example” – Football

“I would like to apologize to everyone and at the same time rebuild the sad and unpleasant episode that made me the negative protagonist at the end of Lecce-Verona.” Salento coach Roberto D'Aversa issued a public apology on social media after the glowing end of the match. “I had face-to-face contact with Henry – he explains – but I did not hit a Veronese player with a header, nor did I receive one from him. It was physical contact, a bad example, the image of an unsporting daughter.” Of great stress and adrenaline that should not and do not want to be excuses or mitigating factors.”

“I made a mistake and I apologize – continued D'Aversa in his Instagram post -. I let myself get carried away by the heat and lost clarity, but not to the point of hitting someone else. This is none of my business.” I reject it and do not accept it.” “Once again, I apologize to Henry – concludes the Lecce coach – from Lecce, Verona and the Italian public, from the referees, from the two clubs, from my management, my staff and my team.”

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Tensions had already erupted in the final minutes of the match between the French striker and Bongrasic, but the episode in which the Giallorossi coach participated was more tense in the end. D'Aversa was also challenged by Curva Nord supporters, who asked the coach to clear the disturbance.

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“It was a tense end, in the last minutes of the game when there was some provocation. I didn't want my boys to be excluded or anything like that. Henry and I communicated: It wasn't good to see this sign but my intention was to divide the players.” Lecce coach Roberto D'Aversa reflects on his examination of the thrill of the final and the direct red card for his challenge on Henry. And again in this regard, the coach explains: “I did not enter the field to hit the header – d'Aversa continues -, I went to greet Baroni and then I wanted to avoid my players receiving any major exclusions. Henry approached, “but I did not mean to go to him. I repeat, it is an ugly gesture to see, but it was not intentional at all. I wanted to separate the players, also because the last seven or eight minutes were a constant provocation.” Finally, a thought about the match: “In the first fifteen minutes we were a bit nervous – admits D'Aversa – and we put the game on the right track. If we analyze the match over the course of the 90 minutes, we came out defeated with a shot from. We collided with the ball and created many chances to score, but we did not succeed.” Regarding the criticism directed at him by the more agitated fans, D’Aversa thinks like this: “Chants against me? I do not enter into the minds of the fans, they are free to do what they see fit,” the coach interrupts his words.

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D'Aversa's gesture towards footballer Henry was not liked at all by the Lecce management. The Gyalurussian club, in a memorandum, condemns the actions of its coach. “The Lecce team, with reference to the episode in which coach D'Aversa and Verona player Henry – we read – took part, while assessing the state of general tension at the end of the match, strongly condemns the gesture of its coach because it is contrary to the principles and values ​​of sport.”

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