Elden Ring: The character started the game at a different point, according to the data researcher

Elden Ring: The character started the game at a different point, according to the data researcher

Sekiro Dubi, a well-known data miner for FromSoftware's “souls” games, recently unearthed evidence that… Elden Ring starting area (After the first death of course) it was originally Different from the one chosen for the final version of the game.

For those who don't know, in Elden Ring, every game starts with the character Inside a small church. Once we're out, we're forced to reach the boss area, where we'll likely meet our end. If not, the road continues until it collapses beneath our feet. Alternatively, we can simply launch into the void after the boss appears, to avoid wasting time. In any case, our character is then transported to the cave, and from there we return to the surface via the elevator.

According to Sekiro Dubi, originally After the first death The player will appear on the beach south of the current starting area. It would have made more sense, given that the first death causes us to fall off a cliff into the water. The current would have pushed our body towards the shore. Furthermore, the beach in question contains a cave that leads directly to the current starting point.

FromSoftware's last option, although less logical (how did we end up inside the cave if we were in the water?) Double advantage. First of all, it puts us directly in front of the tutorial area (many don't actually notice it) and also forces us to access the open world with an elevator and open a door. WOW's impact is much greater this way. Appearing on the beach, on an already open map, will have less effect.

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Elden Ring and Starting Area: How was it discovered?

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Sekiro Dubi discovered these details of the starting area The identifier that identifies the video Melina and Torrente who find that our character is different from the area identifier. This difference made it possible to understand that the film was initially intended for a different point and that the data miner finally understood what it was.

Data miners will certainly be busy with Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree as well.

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