Turin, how did Pellegri perform with Primavera: 78 minutes, yellow card

Turin, how did Pellegri perform with Primavera: 78 minutes, yellow card

The first-team striker has a few chances to score and a yellow card is an angry gesture

Match against Primavera to rediscover certainty and serenity. run out Pilgrims The protagonist of Turin was Lecce Primavera: for him 78 minutes on the field without physical problems and also without goals, despite having two chances. Scurto’s first bombers in class faced Pellegri who had a good level of defense. Try to defend the ball and attack deep. On two occasions he has made himself dangerous, but it must be borne in mind that if he has gone down with Primavera, it is because he is not in the best of circumstances. It should be noted that a suspected penalty foul was made in the first half, and an avoidable yellow card was corrected in the second half by kicking the ball. A gesture of annoyance may have been directed at a team-mate who gave him a flawless ball. In the 78th minute, Scurto was replaced by Corona Pellegri, and the latter scored the goal 1-1. Pellegri has not played many minutes in a competitive match since Turin and Milan last October.

Juric on Pellegri: ‘He must find serenity again’

Ivan Juric announced Pellegri’s presence with Primavera on Saturday at the press conference on Saturday afternoon. “Many muscle problems he’s had are taking their toll – said the coach -. He has to come to terms with his body. We’re letting him train at his own pace and we thought we’d send him to play for Primavera to allow him to regain his certainty. If anything he’s fine. He will be back with us soon.” Pellegri will obviously not be on stage in Lazio and Turin tonight, and would probably like to return to the Stadio Olimpico in Rome, where he scored twice. Now is the time for him to find serenity and almost start all over again, which is no easy feat.

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