A Tuscan family in the White House

Andrea Bocelli and family invited by US President Joe Biden to a pre-Christmas party “Spirit of the Season”

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Washington (USA) – However, a great feeling and respect Lajadico is the tenant of Andrea Bocelli and familyParticipate in the 2021 edition “Spirit of the Season”, A traditional pre-Christmas party White House, Thanks for the invitation from the President of the United States, Joe Biden.

“As an artist, as a father, as a close friend of America – as Bocelli commented – I am delighted to receive an invitation to honor myself, my family and above all my beloved Italy. First lady Jill Biden for inviting us to the 2021 edition of “Spirit of the Season”. Another dream of mine has come true in this great earthly adventure that started in a small town in the Tuscan countryside.

“With my extraordinary colleagues Sons Matteo and Virginia – Tuscany Tener added -, I wish the whole world a Merry Christmas and a bright future full of love and hope. Participating in such a big tribute to beauty at the White House, a place full of meaning, reminds me. Art is always a gift from heaven to lift the spirits. Miracles come from above, but good deeds and virtuous choices arise from the efforts of mankind. By helping us imagine the better world we all want to live in, art can be a valuable advisor and a great source of support. We must all do our part To make that world a reality “.

Poselli has published some Fantastic photos His family went to the White House, where they met celebrities “Oval Studio”.

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