Girona's agri-food industry shows its strength

Girona's agri-food industry shows its strength

Girona's agri-food industry shows its strengthOriol Puig Thomas

Conference Food and Hostelco, which ended yesterday in Barcelona, ​​made it possible to verify the good health and numbers in the agri-food sector in Girona. Almost all of Girona's agri-food sectors were represented: about thirty companies, mostly meat, but also from the pastry and confectionery sector, nuts, ready meals, dairy products, coffee and infusions, or ancillary industries and service companies that support this sector. .

The exhibition was also a good opportunity to demonstrate the innovative power of the industry, constantly adapting to the demands of increasingly changing consumption habits, or those more concerned with health and the environment.

“Sustainability is a path with no return, and every footprint, no matter how small, improves the planet, and the bio-social model of those who live in it.”

Jesus CoelhoDirector of Communications and Sustainability at Reunina Costa Brava Mediterranean FoodHe emphasizes that “sustainability is the path of no return, and every footprint, no matter how modest, works to improve the planet, and the biological and social model of those who inhabit it.” Within the framework of a day organized by CaixaBank inside the exhibition, Coelho explained that his sustainability plan focuses on climate commitment, reducing the consumption of natural resources, reducing plastic, animal welfare, and commitment to people and quality.

The meat industry is one of the strongest agro-food industries in Girona. Most of the big names in this sector – Costa Brava, Noel, Friselva or Batali – had their own pavilion there. One sector manager explained that they spent days talking to customers and suppliers, as well as making contacts about future business. “It is also a meeting point for exchanging common experiences and problems with other companies, although the agenda is so intense that there is not much room to delve deeper,” he added.

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Super protein foods

From Noel Alimentaria's booth, they highlighted their entry into the food sector“Super protein” foods. According to recent studies, Consumption of protein-rich products increased by 22.4% in 2023. “Following this growing trend, we present DeliPro, our first range of high-protein meats, developed thanks to one of our pillars, Innovation,” announced Girona Foods Group Marketing Director, María Sánchez, during her presentation at Enoval.

Maria Sanchez, Marketing Director at Noel

“We are taking a step forward to facilitate and improve protein intake at meals, with high-quality charcuterie products that, compared to their traditional counterparts, make an additional contribution of protein.”

he Director of Research and Development at Noel Group, Jaume Planilla He explained that, in the case of products in this range, the additional protein contribution is achieved by “reducing the moisture content” in pork and turkey products. Planilla also highlighted efforts to find products specifically designed for export, such as trays that combine processed produce and nuts.

Expansion of beech throughout the state

La Fageda stand at Alimentaria 2024

Another Garrotsin company, in this case Cooperativa la Fageda, under Alimentaria announced Plan to enter the HORECA channel and into large communities at the Spanish level.

“When a chain or group commits to a brand, it meets the needs of committed consumers, supports a socially responsible cause and helps promote sustainable growth.”

Currently, it has a presence in most communities in Catalonia, whether in hospitals, educational centers or nursing homes. For La Fageda's Commercial and Marketing Director, Francesc Galli, “The jump to the Spanish market occurs in the context of a repositioning of the brand in which we value a path beyond the common that represents our 'extraordinary difference' in all our aspects.” “.

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Proteins and probiotics

A few meters away from the Fajeda stand was the Girona startup pavilion Being foods. It showcased the Proasis product range, which includes protein and probiotic foods, including ice cream, cream cheese spreads, organic granola and muesli. The company, which made its debut at the fair, participated in spaces such as Organic Market & Trends (dedicated to organic food) or Innoval The Alimentaria Hub, where the most innovative foods were showcased.

Frit Ravitch at Alimentaria 2024

At Alimentaria there were other big names in the sector in Girona, such as Frit Ravic, who arrived at the fair with the announcement of an agreement for the exclusive distribution of the German brand's products. Capri Sun In Spain, Andorra and Morocco.

Inpanasa Bakery, Dino Ice Cream, Birba Biscuits, Alma Infusion, Torras Chocolate, Varinera Coromina Flour, Kweit Preparations and Covica Liquors also had their own space there.

20% of GDP

The agri-food sector already represents 20% of Catalonia's GDP – and perhaps a higher percentage in Girona – and is consolidating itself as the most important sector of Catalan industry in terms of turnover and employees. According to a study by Generalitat, as a whole, the agri-food sector is generating It has a total turnover of €48,231 million and employs 175,600 people. Within the food industry, the industries that have the greatest weight on turnover in Catalonia are meat industries (32% of the total), followed by animal feed products (17%), sugar, chocolate, coffee and confectionery products (8%) or oils (7%).

The other aspect that the study addresses is the export potential of this sector. In fact, Catalonia remained unchanged for the fourth year in a row The first agro-food export zone The country (22% of the total), ahead of Andalusia. In 2023, Catalonia exported agri-food products worth €15,327 million. In the case of the provinces of Girona, food and beverage sales exceeded 3.6 billion euros, which means more than44% of Girona's total exports.

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Meats and sausages (35% of the total) are the Catalan food products with the most sales abroad, followed by premium multi-food products (31%), fruits and vegetables (9%), vegetable oils (8%) and wine (4%). %).

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