Canary volcano, earthquake in La Palma after eruption: risk of more violent tremors

shock Earthquake a palm, one of Canary IslandsSpanish islands off the northwest coast of Africa. distanceeruption subordinate Vulcano from old summit, shock Size 4.8 It was recorded this afternoon at Villa de Mazo, at a depth of 34 kilometers, according to the National Geographic Institute. People felt the earthquake at least three high altitudes The islands of the Spanish archipelago (Tenerife, El Hierro and La Gomera). This was reported by EFI news agency.

La Palma already has seismic activity associated with the volcanic eruption before the start of this natural phenomenon that occurred on September 19. Most tremors in the southeast region of the island are centered at medium or high depths. The highest level ever recorded was 4.9. Those responsible for the contingency plan for the explosion do not rule out the possibility of further tremors, more severe.

Canary volcano collapses main part of cone: fear of new earthquakes

Canary volcano, eruption continues

Huge amount of lava flowing from a volcano old summit, in the eruption of the volcano since September 19 on the island of La Palma (Canary Islands), after the opening of new volcanic vents and partial collapses of the crater in the last hours: images of the Canary Institute of Volcanology show that and it has been reported. They are responsible for the contingency plan for this natural disaster. The posted videos also indicate that large amounts of ash and fumes have been expelled. The technical director of this plan, Miguel Angel Morquinde, explained in the afternoon at a press conference that the lava flows mainly along the groove created by the first flow, which after about ten days reached the coast, creating a volcanic delta in the ocean. ..

According to the latest data from the European Copernican system, magma has already buried more than 906 hectares of land. Land Registry information indicates that more than a thousand homes have been destroyed or damaged. The spokesman for the scientific committee to monitor the eruption of the volcano Mara Jose Blanco added that the seismic activity associated with the eruption yesterday increased “significantly” in terms of frequency and magnitude. According to what he added, it is possible that there will be more tremors that the residents can notice, although at the moment this does not mean that there are more risks to the residents of the area. People living in the affected area have already been given recommendations on how to prevent the risks.

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