The popular former GH contestant accused of fraud faces four years in prison

The popular former GH contestant accused of fraud faces four years in prison

'big brother' She has introduced very distinctive characters who are now a part of the entertainment world. from Kiko Hernandez, Nagor Robles, Susana Molina… And long and so on. However, it is true that not all the cast was made up of people with this talent – That was the beauty of competition, seeing the coexistence of ordinary people and idiots in action. The figure dropped as it came into light Sexual assault live on Carlotta Prado During the last anonymous version of the format. “Cas Carlota” has ruined the company's reputation Reality show, making it disappear completely. Now, it has been revealed that among the many contestants who have left the format A new judicial problem one of them. let's talk Digor Basurkothe second finalist of the 14th edition. His career was already the most controversial and outside of competition, it went even further. The former contestant is accused of fraud.

Racers Gran Hermano 14 / Telecinco
Susana Molina and Igor Basurko Grand Finale “GH 14” / Telecinco

The 14th edition of the format featured many contestants and love plots that you will remember well. And he was the winner Susana Molina, who was madly in love with Gonzalo Montoya, With whom they would later appear together in “La Isla de las Tentaciones” and break off their relationship in front of the spectators. It was also a sonata edition disciplinary expulsion, After calling the terrorist group ETA with a kind of sarcasm. In addition, he also participated during this edition Desiree The first transgender contestant, who came in third place during the final. Well, in all this context, Igor Basurko really stood out as a liar, he liked to boo and he played the game at home. He was already a very good manipulator and now he has improved. The person from the Basque Country allegedly defrauded a friend's ex-partner. It's all very complicated, but it's easier than it seems.

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Igor Basurko GH 14 / Telesenko

The former Basque racer will have to appear before the Gipuzkoa court The alleged sale of a vehicle adapted for the disabled in the field of buying and selling used goods. sOver time, the District Attorney's Office did not handle this entire plan alone. Igor could have gotten help from a colleague. It all started on August 8, 2022 when they both seized a motorcycle meant for people with disabilities worth €650. Later, they went to the establishment to sell the car. All this while hiding their identity, that is The former contestant's assistant lives with the victim. Very strong.

Igor Basruko GH 14 / Telesenko

Igor Basroko He has already been in the judicial spotlight four times. The second finalist didn't make it on screen, but he wasn't forgotten either as he continued to star in scandal after scandal among his entourage. What could have been a clean career and a golden opportunity to succeed as a socialite, influencer, presenter or just giving the score on the TVs at Telecinco, The situation in the Basque Country has become exactly the opposite. The original broken game from its copy.

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