REDESSA is finalizing the adaptation works for the new Innovation Building on the Bellisens Campus

REDESSA is finalizing the adaptation works for the new Innovation Building on the Bellisens Campus

REDESSA has completed the adaptation works of what will be its fourth business centre, the REDESSA Innovation Building. This measure, carried out by Eiffage Energia, SLU, with a budget of €900,000, is the first step towards installing the T-Systems headquarters in this area. From now on, the German multinational company will undertake the final work to finish adapting the facilities to its needs.

The REDESSA Innovation Business Center is located in the Eurecat annex building, located at Campus Bellissens in Reus. The building consists of three floors adding up to 1,300 square meters of useful space, and features a highly functional design, with a high proportion of collaborative spaces, dedicated to meetings and meetings between workers to encourage teamwork and project work. Like the rest of REDESSA's buildings, it will offer new users a comprehensive service that includes facility maintenance or video surveillance, among others, so that the company handles only its activity.

In the words of the Mayor of Reus, Sandra Guaita, “The launch of the REDESSA Innovation Business Center is another step to continue responding to the needs of technology companies arriving in our city. Reus is the second ICT city in Catalonia in terms of employment of technology portfolios and from the Reus City Council we are working to strengthen This position and provide it with more and more services and resources to continue to grow.

REDESSA Innovation is the fourth commercial center for the municipal company, which this year celebrates 30 years of activity and which also operates the centers REDESSA Viver, in Camí de Valls, REDESSA Tecno and Cepid in Technological Innovation and Innovation in Tecnoparc.

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According to Economic Promotion, Innovation and Knowledge Advisor and CEO of REDESSA, Josep Baijs, “We will continue to work to attract companies and promote REDESSA as a catalyst for economic activity in our city. With this new building, REDESSA already manages an area of ​​23,000 square meters, with an average occupancy of more than 90%. We We are talking about facilities with 150 companies and about 1,500 professionals, half of whom specialize in the technology sector. Therefore, it is necessary to continue betting on the introduction of new spaces such as REDESSA Innovation to attract new companies linked to strategic sectors of the city such as technology, innovation or nutrition.”

T-Systems is scheduled to transition to REDESSA Innovación during the last four months of the year.

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