In Texas, over a million people are armed, and the laws are among the least restrictive in the United States

In Texas, over a million people are armed, and the laws are among the least restrictive in the United States

While gun ownership laws in the United States are very lax, they are even more so in Texas, a highly conservative southern state. It is no coincidence that armed citizens will outgrow more than a million real army. Just last year, Republican Governor Greg Abbott signed a law that ended the requirement for Texas to have a license to carry guns, allowing nearly anyone over the age of 21 to be with them at all times.

As of September 1, a Texas resident is allowed not only to carry it, but also to have a bullet in the barrel, even without a firearm license and without any training in the correct use of firearms. The 1927 2021 Act had strong support from Abbott, one of the strongest supporters of the Second Amendment. A year ago, right after the clause was approved, he said: “You’ll probably say I just signed a law protecting the rights of gun owners. But today I actually signed a law that strengthens freedoms in the state.” Defenders of the right to bear arms cheered at the time and claimed that the law would encourage similar legislation in other states.

He entered the school and committed a massacre: 19 children were killed

Critics, including some law enforcement officers, called the move a dangerous move, not least because it occurred in the midst of a recent wave of gun violence. Governor’s Act also eliminated the requirement to keep guns in a belt or shoulder, but only required to be kept in a holster. Texas has long been a hotspot for gun rights legislation, with residents allowed to carry guns in public without permission and even guns allowed on college campuses, thanks to a law the state passed in 2015. “I’m embarrassed. Texas just exists. Number two To buy new guns after California. Texas, we’re increasing purchases,” Abbott himself wrote in 2015, in a tweet that reappeared in these hours after the elementary school shooting.

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The conservative politician, like many of his colleagues, especially (to name a few) Republicans, has received money from the gun lobby, tens of thousands of dollars in funding for his political campaigns, and wants to move the national headquarters of the National Party. gun to texas association. The latter is the main among the country’s many lobbyists and is planning its annual meeting in Texas.

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