Orsato's background between the Arab maxi show and the rulers' currents

Orsato's background between the Arab maxi show and the rulers' currents

The news is exciting: Daniele Orsato He will be ready to accept the rich pitch of Arab football for arbitration or to start a managerial career there starting in 2024. So from temptation to reality: a few months ago there were rumors of the possibility of the transfer of the Venetian referee to the Persian. The Gulf, and the many trends in the Saudi and Emirati leagues from January onwards, were very clear evidence. If Orsato accepts the offer, It would be a real defeat for The Hague. In the poll on my profile Instagram In terms of who was the best referee in this first part of the season, Orsato won by a landslide of more than 50 percent: proof that even for non-experts he is the most respected Italian referee. Orsato is a heritage we cannot afford to lose, which is why I hope the Italian Football Federation or the Serie A will intervene to prevent this outcome.

Orsato, a heritage that should not be lost

Orsato, despite being forty-eight years old, remains a point of reference in a movement that even the most promising young people still fail to impress. Think of Colombo, just stepping up to international level, who ended up picking up twelve yellow cards and two red cards in the Roma-Napoli match. The heritage that will be lost with Orsato's farewell will not only be technical, but also human. I know Daniele well, and he has always been committed to accompanying less experienced referees on the path that each of them should take from every point of view, and above all regarding the values ‚Äč‚Äčnecessary to practice this profession. Orsato would be one Ideal character to play the role of appointor and President of The Hague. Aside from his seemingly “rough” appearance, Squ has the intelligence and sensitivity needed to hold a position of responsibility. In recent years, Orsato has undoubtedly become one of the most powerful racing managers in the world. His direct rivals can be counted on the fingers of one hand, and his team, also composed of Var Irati, is certainly the best in UEFA and FIFA.

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