Europe and the Congress relive the events of Moviola: Roma miss two great penalties, but Ibanez’s goal is offside | European League

European evening, with challenges Naples, Lazio and Rome between European League of Conferences. Alle 18.45.2007 Neapolitans on stage in Maidan Legia Warsaw, 9 p.m. The Lazio go on the ground Marseille while the Rome receive the Bodo / Glimt. Below all the slow motion episodes, analyzed by

Legia-Napoli watch 18.45
Referee: Laurence Visser (Belgium)
Assistants: Yves de Neve (Belgium) – Robin Wiens (Belgium)
Fourth: Bram Van Derech (Belgium)
Video Assistant Technology Benoit Melot (France)
AVAR: Eric Lambrechts (Belgium)

74 ‘- Another punishment for Nablus! Jose cuts a kick to Politano in an attempt to delay the ball: penalty kick and yellow for No. 27.

49′ – Football penalty kick for Nabeul! Elmas suggests to Zelensky, Jose with a slight shoulder kicks him in the area: For the referee, it’s a penalty, maybe a little light.

Marseille – Lazio H 21
Referee: Jose Maria Sanchez (Spain)
Assistants: Raul Cabaneiro (Spain) – Inigo (Spain)
Fourth: Cesar Soto Grado (Spain)
VAR Juan Martinez Munoaira (Spain)
AVAR: Ricardo de Burgos (Spain)

45′ + 5′ set Anderson’s goal – Felipe Anderson finds the goal of the moment 1 to 1: After checking the VAR, Spain’s whistle confirms the goal, the Brazilian’s position is regular in Luiz Felipe’s shot and Saliba’s subsequent touch.

31 ‘- Penalty for Marcel! After reviewing the procedure in Var, the Spanish referee returned the penalty to Marseille, due to Akerby blocking Melek.

Rome – Bodo / Glimt h 21
Referee: Anastasios Papapetrou (GRE)
Assistants: Tryfon Petropoulos (GRE) – Iordanis Aptosoglou (GRE)
Fourth: Aristotelis Diamantopoulos (GRE)

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84′ A drawing of Rome, but Ibanez is far – Mayoral crosses over to the far post to find Ibanez, who beats Heiken by two steps and scores the equaliser: but the former Atalanta defender starts offside.

72 ‘Another penalty not awarded to Roma – In the corner position, this time Konradsen was blocking it from his hand, but the Greek referee sees nothing.

47 ‘Explicit punishment not assigned to Rome – A great penalty kick from Roma was missed by a net handball from Mu in the Bodo / Glimt area. The defender, to anticipate El Shaarawy with a header on a cross from the left, takes the ball with his forearm.

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