Roma-Milan 1-1: goals from Abraham in the 94th minute and Selmaekers in the 97th minute

Roma-Milan 1-1: goals from Abraham in the 94th minute and Selmaekers in the 97th minute

The Giallorossi forward opened the lead 0-0 in the 94th minute, and the Belgian equalized three minutes later at the end of a poor game, tense and disjointed by mistakes and fouls. The race continues for fourth place for both of them

A Champions League head-to-head showdown ends with no winners or losers, with the challenge heating up incredibly well in stoppage time. One-on-one: Olympico goes mad with Qatari glee over Abraham’s victory, then remains silent at the Selmakers’ equaliser. The standings say that Milan and Roma are still tied for fourth place (and in the event of a tie on points between the two teams, it will be necessary to note the overall goal difference as a first parameter) with Inter who can catch up to them in the event of success against Lazio. Champions League traffic: Pioli put it (“It’s worth the double at the Olimpico”) but Milan were unable to completely break the Roman wall. Mourinho, on the other hand, had his hands up a few minutes into the match: «It is one thing for this team to be at its maximum potential, and for it to be other problems. We are at a decisive moment, and we are also at a difficult moment.” Milan presented themselves in an announced formation, with Pioli’s XI kind. Roma, on the other hand, introduced an unprecedented variant: Mo experimented with the double striker, with Belotti at Abraham’s side. Another surprise is Celik for Zalewski.

I am waiting

Rome is waiting. Milan shyly tries. The first half doesn’t offer much insight. The main news is not the arrows, but the injury and yellowing. It is Roma who lose another piece in their defense, after Smalling (Dybala is on the bench, as expected): Kumbula is injured after a quarter of an hour of play, and Bove replaces him. In Milan, a yellow card for Tomori: he was among the warnings, Pioli will lose him in the next match in San Siro against Cremonese. Possession after 45 minutes is clearly in favor of the Rossoneri, with 65%. However, this command does not translate into serious actions. And for Roma, still more covered, it’s the same: first half without shots on goal, only one corner kick for Milan, six fouls called. A little bit of everything. The most tempting chance for the Gelorossi comes just after the half-hour mark, and on Pellegrini’s shot, the rebound in front of Mignan was… Abraham. At the end of time it was Calabria that was trying to deduce on the other side: strong but imprecise.

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Encore waiting

Something more happened in the second half: Roma twice quickly escaped by exploiting some errors in a defensive disengagement. As usual, Milan is trying to get into the area with construction. As in the first 45 minutes, the goalkeepers did not intervene decisively. The second half also opened with a change in Milan: Tomori (he had risked being substituted earlier, only to be badly ‘landed’ after an aerial tackle) came off Thiao, and rewarded him (in Kalulu) also for the physical strength to oppose Roma in the group. to cut. In the Giallorossi, who returned from the dressing rooms, there is El Shaarawy for Belotti. The former Rossoneri is the first to arrive in front of Mignan, who easily comes out to anticipate him. For Milan, the clearest opportunity is for another substitute: Saelemaekers (for Diaz) volleys in from Leao’s cross, which lifts the runway slightly. On Roma’s second attempt at pace, it was Cajer who held off Pellegrini. Pioli’s card in the middle of the second half is De Ketelaere, and in the final Origi (in place of Giroud, who shortly before was desperate for a free kick from the edge deflected by the barrier). The wait is rewarded with a stunning finish: four minutes into the 90th minute, Abraham brings the whole team under South, to celebrate the right-footed corner with which he beat Mignane (Kalolo gets caught). However, the party lasted less than four minutes: a cross from Leao (who had been on the floor lopsided with his arms crossed just a few moments before), a two-step deflection from Saelmaekers in the eventual equaliser, with the ball between Rui Patricio. legs. At Olimpico now, Milan fans are just singing.

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