Young, Republican, becomes the new governor of the United States, Virginia. Flop of Dem (and Biden) –

From Giuseppe Sarcina, Washington Correspondent

The Democrats’ lead is coming out of the election round badly. To the American media, the first exit announcement to the President

Donald Trump has quickly congratulated Republican Glenn Young, the new governor of Virginia.. The former president sent an email to his faithful network at 10:34 pm US time, when the results were not yet confirmed. Trump did not attend any of the rallies in Virginia. But now he claims to have mobilized “his” base for this sensational success. In fact, more than Trump’s revenge We see a catastrophic defeat for Joe Biden and the entire Democratic staff. No one is excluded: from Barack Obama to Kamala Harris, the protagonists of rallies followed by a few hundred people; From serious Stacy Abrams to Nancy Pelosi. They all spent themselves for the favorite candidate, Terry McAuliffe He, unlike his adversary, agreed to be financed by the big names, and it was too late to realize that he had imported a group that was not currently very popular within his territory.

The opposite evidence comes from New Jersey, No one will bet a dollar on the Italian-American on Eve Jack Seatrelli, Republic, orThe current governor is running for the final against Bill Murphy of the Democrats. Starting with the Republican right-wing media The fox, Look at yesterday’s poll The first eviction announcement from the White House to Biden and to the majority Democrats from the House and Senate. The most cited prototype in 2009. Obama was in the Oval Office for a year. But surprisingly, two Republicans became governors in New Jersey (Chris Christie) and Virginia (Bob McDonnell). The following year the red wave (the color of the Conservatives) swept the United States, sending Democrats in the minority to two branches of Congress. Commentators on The foxHowever, they skip the rest of the story: Obama recovered and won the 2012 presidential election. Is this the path that awaits us from now until 2024? We will see. But in the meantime Fragmented Democrats.

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In 2020, Virginia and New Jersey voted overwhelmingly for Biden. It is difficult to argue that these are not two states that are not dominated by Vox impulses, and that on the other hand the citizens who have passed are fascinated by the great Trumpian lie. Stolen elections And, above all, the attack on Capitol Hill. Vote analysis should start from here. For the past four or five months, the Democrats have been fragmenting Biden’s proposals and agenda into a confusing and heated debate.. Is it the fault of lobbyist Joe Mancin disguised as a moderate senator? Is it the fault of the firm belief of the Left that it has long refused any compromise? Is it the fault of Nancy Pelosi’s parliamentary games that failed one after another? Or is it Biden’s fault for failing to reunite his MPs? There is a lot to choose from. And it explains the decline of consensus: among Democrat voters in Virginia and New Jersey there are many who are frustrated among extremists, centrists, pragmatists, and dreamers. Biden and the Democrats were able to upset everyone. The president’s misconduct is sensational because it contradicts the traditional socio – economic principle of the electoral cycle. After you distribute $ 1,900 billion, you are going to distribute another $ 3,000 billion, including infrastructure, welfare costs and energy conversion..

November 3, 2021 (November 3, 2021 change | 05:45 am)

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