“The new Rai reporter in China? You can see that he has no children from…” – Libero Quotidiano

A new journey from stripping news Opposite Giovanna Pottery. envoy PinocchioSpecialized in detecting defects Opinion, ironically goals Marco Clemente, a new reporter from Viale Mazzini from China. his fault? Daring to speak, among its first services, of Covid, shows the least accommodating face of communist regime Beijing.

Clemente, from Wuhan, “Even” talks about a virus that was born here two years ago, and led to the spread of the epidemic. Then Ray had not heard of things, so he decided to take to the street, microphone in hand and camera in the clouds, to witness how infamous had changed new market The city, which has become a wholesale food market, is for suppliers only. But the Chinese authorities prevented him from filming.

Pinoccio vs. Giovanna Botteri: Watch the Striscia la Notizia video

“This man does improbable things, he is a little aggressive, he even came down … – Pinochio points out – We are used to romantic stories, Peking city ​​of roses, Bed and breakfast in Tibet. I’m a little worried, with Pottery we talked about China, the system, they were all calm. Now this comes, a little crazy… You can see that he has no children working on 5G communications (referring to the daughter of Botteri, an employee of a multinational company ZTEAnd so), we have to talk to him, there is a perfect balance … the services are good, but the roses are beautiful. From the studio, he intervenes Enzo IaquiteEzio Grigio urged him: “Now Pottery has been sent to Paris, I know her and she’ll want to hit hard. It seems the next service will be along the standard baguette.”

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