The new look to return to Rome

The new look to return to Rome

Elari Blasi returned to Rome after the trip to Africa and visited the hairdresser for the first time. No extreme title and no clean cut, the intro has simply brought back the look it always had.

Elari Place She is at the center of the most ruthless gossip since it was officially announced that she had broken up Francesco Totti. The news came as a surprise with a press release after more than 15 years of marriage and stunned everyone, as the story of the couple was one of the longest-running love stories in the entertainment world. To avoid sparking further gossip, the presenter organized a trip to Africa with her sister and children a few hours after the announcement, but today her “gift from God” is over. She returned to Rome and after the fans were charmed between Fishnet suits And the photoShe visited the hairdresser to get her makeup done.

Ilary Blasi’s changes take care of splitting from Totti

We let her struggle to get back to Italyn casual version with men’s sweatshirtToday, we find Elari Plassey resuming her normal daily activities. The first thing you did once you arrived in Rome? She visited her trusted stylist to revamp the look of her hair. For years, she entrusted her hairstyles to Alessia Solidani, but not having the opportunity to take care of the new hairstyle, she turned to Federico, a collaborator of the well-known Romanian hairdresser. It was the latter who documented the announcer’s visit, immortalizing himself in her company with the caption “beautiful.”

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Elari Blasty’s new hair color

It might be because vacationing in Africa ruined her hair or because she simply wanted a change after breaking up with Francesco Totti, but what is certain is that Elari Blasi went to the hairdresser as soon as she returned to Rome. On his social media profile, he preferred to keep the matter a secret but hairstylist Federico “discovered the cards on the table” by revealing his new hairstyle. No drastic cuts and no sharp foreground shots, she simply revived the platinum blonde color that has characterized her for years. Then she opted for softer curls with the side row, to look brighter than ever. Pulling the plug has clearly benefited her: despite the period of great changes, she could not be more beautiful and sunny.

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