Giorgio Locatelli is desperate, the place is completely destroyed: starting from scratch is not easy for him at all | The unfortunate truth

Giorgio Locatelli is desperate, the place is completely destroyed: starting from scratch is not easy for him at all |  The unfortunate truth
Chef Giorgio Locatelli’s restaurant explosion.

“Our kitchen no longer exists, there is a big hole on the outside wall,” is how Sous Chef Locatelli describes the explosion that occurred in the restaurant.

Among the featured chefs appearing on various programs of Italian TV Kitchen, Chef Locatelli He’s a newcomer, but he immediately conquered the audience.

actually Locatelli He appears for the first time on Italian screens as a guest of the program Masterchef Italy During the seventh season, which continued It has been broadcast since 2018. The following year, he was chosen by the production to replace him Antonia Klugmanwhich in turn was Carlo Craco was replaced.

The chef, born in the province of Varese, is the son of art, In fact, the family has run the star-winning La Cincianella restaurant for many years On Lake Comabio. So, after graduating, young Giorgio decided to devote himself to cooking as well. In 1983, he decided to leave Italy to develop his passion first in London and then in Paris where he accumulated years of experience in different restaurants.

there First Michelin star conquer Right in Londonin 1999, with Zafferano RestaurantThe second one arrived in 2003, still in the same city but with another restaurant. Locanda Locatelli He opened with his wife for only one year.

The accident that destroyed Giorgio Locatelli’s restaurant

“He was around 11.40 pmI was in the kitchen and I was finishing service with my other colleagues, and suddenly there was a very strong explosion sound, like a bomb! a A terrorist attack: That’s the first thing I thought. We all fell to the ground due to the violent shaking, and before the light went out, I even saw the shock wave from the explosion pass in front of me! “It was terrifying moments: as soon as it was completely dark, part of the ceiling started falling on us and we were sure that everything had collapsed.”

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With these words a young assistant to Chef Locatelli speaks aboutThe accident occurred in 2014 at Locanda Locatelli.. A powerful explosion, possibly caused by a gas leak, breaks the silence of the London night, displacing more than 500 people and injuring about fifteen people, 5 of whom are taken to hospital.

Locanda Locatelli Restaurant London
Locanda Locatelli restaurant in London. Facebook photos

What happened after the Locanda Locatelli explosion?

After the explosion, the chef said he was devastated, and said in some interviews that he considered quitting his job. The place he and his wife had worked so hard to build had been swept away in an instant.

Today then Locanda Locatelli is still located in London, the restaurant where the Queen is said to have loved to dine, owes its name to his wife and daughter Margherita, who inherited Giorgio’s passion. It seems that the girl, in addition to being a vegetarian, suffers from various types of food allergies, which prompted her and her father to reconsider cooking in a more holistic way. So the problem became an incentive to do better and expand what you offer.

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