All doubts about the agreement between the US and TikTok, despite the signing

All doubts about the agreement between the US and TikTok, despite the signing

The issue of national security is about to be resolved with an agreement signed between Washington and Chinese social media. But concerns about data management, particularly by conservatives, remain unchanged. And in the background is Beijing, which is silent at the moment but can raise its nose

Signing does not imply agreement. This can be translated, with a kind of re-examination of the proverb, what happens in it United State with a stinging sermon tik tok. L ‘National Security Agreement Among the Chinese app owned by Byte Dance And the US government is now one step away, which has been confirmed by many who, however, do not disclose much of the content. We’ll be at the end of an affair that began several years ago and saw two presidents, one Republican and one Democrat, shoulder the burden (honour depends on the terms of the agreement) to organize the social network that (understandably) frightens the US security services. However, it is not necessarily seen as a happy ending Suspicions aroused In recent days by the Republicans themselves.

“Allowing this company to continue collecting US user data while maintaining its relationship with ByteDance puts its privacy and national security at risk and would be an unacceptable waiver of management. Biden“, I have announced Cruelly in the Washington State Republican Note Kathy McMorris Rodgers. The former president also raised the issue Donald Trump, which will only accept TikTok if it is sold to a US company. None of this happened – not least because the billionaire gave Few of his followers – Once he took office, the former deputy of Barack Obama I decided to remove those decrees because they would face legislative hurdles.

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However, after more than a year of negotiations between the government and the company, the problem of how to resolve the situation still remains, and with elections in a month, it is becoming more central to the American political debate. . Partly to please their constituents, partly because they really believe in it, Republicans promised Don’t vote for any deal You do not find it difficult in TikTok. What they refer to from this is not yet clear. The central point concerns data management, as Americans (rightly) demand guarantees from the Chinese company that they will not leave US soil. Of these allegations, TikTok has always called itself innocent, saying that she never shared anything with The central government in Beijing And you never would, even if you asked.

At the moment, the information of US users is entrusted to servers Singapore Based on Virginiabut the goal is to migrate them completely to inspirationin order to reassure American fears. In addition, TikTok has to do more efforts, such as revising some of its internal policies to completely separate itself from Beijing – some workers work between TikTok and ByteDance – along with providing supervision platformWith the participation of some US intelligence experts. The details that should be included in the agreement, barring the surprises, detail for Republicans the minimum wage.

Despite Trump’s various attempts to ban them and Biden’s ban attempting to impose restrictions on the company, TikTok’s reach in the United States cannot be overcome, for two potentially conflicting reasons. One goes for a social benefit made in China, looking further 30% of those over 12 years old are registered on the platform (ergo, should also be taken into account for electoral purposes, because adult users vote); The other relates to the different treatment others received big technology, which in terms of privacy and security does not make you reassured. They are American companies, one could argue with good reason, but for China This may – indeed is – an insult that must be answered.

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Thus, if Beijing opposes the agreement, there will be new problems. However, the American Republicans may be convinced of good faith Washington. TikTok has already stated that it did not discuss the matter with party officials, possibly in order not to stir up trouble in the eyes of the congress at the end of the month that Xi Jinping He will declare himself president for life and has not commented. Its spokesmen would only say that it is on the “right track”. However, it is necessary to see who, and why, this agreement should not be made for everyone, starting with American conservatives.

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