February 5, 2023

Hardwood Paroxysm

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The Maneskins “marry” at Palazzo Brancaccio: white dresses, Ethan-woman throwing bouquet. Frantic fans and traffic

to Laura Martini

In the house hall set up like the nave of a church, the band members celebrated a wedding officiated by Alessandro Michele, former Gucci Artistic Director.

a marriage, at the moment only music, also due to the disproportionate number of engaged couples: four, with well-known names: Damiano David (vocals), Victoria de Angelis (bass), Thomas Raggi (guitar) and Ethan Turchio (drums). Manskins.

in salon Brancaccio Palace It was erected like a navedressed in white – and Ethan, for balance, in women’s clothing – the present-day band members celebrated a wedding thrown by Alexander MichaelAnd Former Artistic Director of Gucci. And during the ceremony, one of the most classic phrases from the ritual: «Do you want, Damiano, and Victoria, and Thomas and Ethan …». In response, a series of yes, followed by an exchange of rings, a kiss (“she” accepts, and he kisses him) and a cutting of blue cake in red writing. Speed!, TitleThe last album in the lineup. Then the classics Launching the fiery red package (They had one each) from Ethan. On her head is a white embroidered veil, which every true bride would envy.

Fans crowded outside Palazzo Brancaccio from the early hours of the afternoon, and traffic marshals rushed in to make traffic smoother. And they lived happily ever after after the eternal oath of allegiance, which is not really the most unusual offer that the new Fab Four are used to.

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