How to get it – Virgilio Motori

How to get it – Virgilio Motori

We all know what Telepass is and the great benefits it offers to those who have it: Drivers of cars, motorcyclists and other vehicles equipped with this device have the possibility Automatic payment of fees Passing through a toll booth, in the proper lane being indicated, charging to the linked checking account and avoiding the dreaded queues at the toll booths is abominable and endless especially in summer exodus days.

Having said that, and given that we already know how it works and that we have talked many times over the years about Telepass tariffs and other information in this regard, today we would like to remind you of some great news. From August 1 The company released a new device, the blue Telepass, Which bears the colors of the Italian national football team, which was created as part of the partnership between Telepass and FIGC.

How do you get it

The new blue Telepass, as specified on the official website, is available to new customers who sign up for the offer Telepass Plus from August 1 to 31. There are still 15 days to get it.

What is Telepass Plus? It is aboutPremium subscription which allows its bearer to pay, in addition to the highway toll (which is why it was invented), also:

  • Parking in the blue lines.
  • shared mobility services;
  • fuel and electric charge;
  • Train and plane tickets.

This is a new offer, and therefore valid for the whole month of August 2023 in Italy, which allows new subscribers to have it One year free and 30% cash back on traffic (Cumulative from August 1, 2023 to October 15, 2023). It can be used until the end of October for fuel or electric charging, with a maximum charge of 35 euros.

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Telepass personal

Several years ago, there was the ability to customize the Telepass in color selection. In fact, Autostrade in l’Italia allows its users to save different devices The customer can choose it at the start of the contract.

But this August, the company wanted to create New limited editionAvailable until August 31, for new Telepass Plus customers only: a blue Telepass that celebrates the Italian national football team.

The device is light blue, just for shooting The color of the classic shirts of the national team players, And on the same thing also appears 4 star logo. As noted above, users interested in this limited edition, which includes absolutely no additional cost, have one month (now two weeks, through August 31) to order it.

The important thing to know is that Telepass can only be issued to those who have a Telepass Plus subscription. In this case , special offerFor a whole year you don’t pay the monthly fee and you can also get 30% cashback on the fee.

the number cash back It can be accumulated until October 15th and can be used until October 31st for fuel costs or for an electricity top-up (35€ max). A new and interesting opportunity for those who want to become part of the Telepass world and definitely make their motorway trips more comfortable.

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