The “magical” roof that blocks the sun

The “magical” roof that blocks the sun

The magic of electronics – Enjoy the warmth of the winter sunshine or, on the contrary, protect the heat of the summer sun without reducing the light in the passenger cabin: Glass roof panoramic Solarbay Developed by Renault I was able to do all of this silently and in a small space. It is the umbrella that Opacity Come Controlled Electronically, so you don't need bulky and cumbersome sliding blackout curtains. This solution, according to Renault, allows you to get 3 cm of headroom, saving from 6 to 8 kg of weight. Weight And make it easier to regulate the light that enters.

In fact, the Solarbay It can be controlled through a button on the roof light, which the driver and passenger can access, or through Google Assistant voice commands, which also allows passengers sitting in the back seats. Adjust transparency From the ceiling. The process is also completely electronic fast Because a time of 5 seconds is announced for a crystal that is more than one meter long to move from the opaque state to the transparent state or vice versa.

The wave that is advancing – The process of opacity, and returning to the state of transparency, is done with a type of Advanced wave Gradually along the nine parts into which the crystal divides (Watch the video below). This division allows different combinations in light distribution: Solarbay from Renault Can actually take, in addition to the composition Vague or transparentEven those who see it are transparent from the front and opaque from the back, or vice versa. The driver and passenger find the ease of control useful while those sitting in the back, for example children, appreciate the fact that there is contrasting opacity that appears to be made specifically for sleeping without disturbance from the sun's rays.

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This panoramic roof will initially be installed on the flagship models of Renaultthe new Rafale And Scenic electronic technology. It also stands out as a smart panoramic roof Solarbay It also has high strength thermal insulationThis is thanks to its construction with several layers of crystal and other materials.

Liquid crystals and transparency -Already the roof plan Solarbay from Renaultdeveloped in collaboration with the famous crystal manufacturer Saint-Gobain Different layers of glass (With an outer layer that repels infrared rays) Interspersed with other PVB materials, PolyVinylButyral is used in laminated safety glass which prevents dangerous splinters in the event of breakage and also increases sound insulation. Dimming instead occurs in the AmpliSky-based layer PLC technology (Polymer Dispersed Liquid Crystal): The electric field applied across the PDLC changes the conductive layerOrientation of liquid crystals Making them more or less transparent using a mechanism that is the same as that used in the LCD screens of TVs, monitors, mobile phones and tablets.

Another interesting feature is the fact that the ceiling Solarbay It automatically switches to opaque mode when you turn off the engine and get out of the car and returns to the last configuration once you start the engine again: this way the car does not run the risk of overheating in the sun when it is switched off and “He remembers” At the same time Preferences Of passengers. according to Renault Solarbay is “democratizing this technology with performance at the highest levels of the market, outperforming premium models.”

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