ID Software hires new developers for “Action-FPS Single player triple A” games –

ID Software hires new developers for “Action-FPS Single player triple A” games –

As insider Klobrille reported on Twitter, Program ID Well posted 30 job ads To hire new developers who will collaborate on new projects, described as “Single Player Trilogy – FPS“.

Among the open positions, we find such as gameplay designer, master AI programmer, level designer, producer and combat designer, the latter of which was already spotted online in February.

The description changes based on the job posting. For example, Gameplay Designer talks about making “industry-leading weapons, artificial intelligence, progression systems, and game mechanics for first-person three-player games.” Familiarity with the latest identifier software titles is required in most cases, including DOOM and DOOM Eternal.

So it looks like ID is arming itself for upcoming projects. Among these games, there may be new DOOM and Quake games, among the most obvious hypotheses, but we can’t rule out any unreleased IP or new Hexen, a series especially dear to Phil Spencer, head of Xbox at Microsoft.

To stay on topic, The Initiative and Crystal Dynamics are also hiring new employees to work on the Xbox Perfect Dark exclusive.

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