Culture Bonus 18, pay attention to the deadline: what you can buy

On February 28, the time for spending the Culture Bonus for those born in 2002 and who registered in 18app will expire by August 31, 2021. Let’s see how it works and what products and services can be purchased with a voucher of 500 euros.

it ends then February 28 Deadline to be able to spend Cultural award 18 years oldRecognized Born in 2002 who have requested it by August 31, 2021. After that it will be up to those born in 2003, who will receive 500 EUR voucher You will have to register on the online platform 18 AB.

Let’s see in the following article how the contribution works and what you can buy.

Culture reward 18 years by February 28

August 18 (1)

The Cultural reward for those born in 2002 represent expire: Those who have received a voucher worth 500 euros will have time to spend it until the next voucher February 28. On the other hand, those born in 2003 will have to wait a little longer: the dates on which registration will be made on the 18app platform and during which the bonus will be spent will soon be reported.

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We remind you, in fact, that the Culture Bonus for eighteen-year-olds can only be obtained by registering on the portal There are no other methods and no apps, although the name suggests otherwise.

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The cultural bonus has become a structural metric with the 2022 Budget Act, and will no longer need to be confirmed and refinanced each year.

Culture Bonus 18 Years: What to Buy


The 500 EUR voucher can be spent to buy:

  • books (print, e-book, audiobook);
  • Music (music CDs, DVDs, vinyls, online music);
  • newspaper subscriptions (paper and digital);
  • movie tickets (including season tickets or tickets);
  • Concert tickets (including seasonal tickets or tickets for any festivals);
  • tickets for cultural events (eg festivals, cultural fairs, circuses);
  • tickets for museums, monuments, parks and archaeological sites (including seasonal tickets or cards);
  • Tickets for theater and dance performances (including seasonal tickets or tickets);
  • Music courses
  • theater courses
  • Foreign language courses.

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