Less yogurt in jars, we explain why

Less yogurt in jars, we explain why

Yogurt is subject to change: change is about the jars, what happens: an unexpected change.

Yogurt (Photo by AdobeStock)

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The shrinkage It affects many foods including Yogurt. This is the phenomenon that products are presented in small packages – and therefore as quantity inside – but from The price remains unchanged when they were older.

A critical issue affecting many foods on supermarket shelves including beloved yogurt, which is inevitable in the refrigerators of millions of Italians.

Loved for a nutritious breakfast or a delicious snack, it is also the overwhelming protagonist of cakes and desserts: therefore, being among the most-purchased foods, the phenomenon that affects tractor Consumers worried.

widespread practiceusually not detected immediately because the decrease in volume is not easy to identify.

Less Yogurt in Jars: What’s Happening

If the yoghurt is subject to differences in terms of its packaging – it applies to some brands, in particular some consumers have found it in it Greek – There are gods Precautions to make sure of this importance.

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Soft Yogurt Cake
White yogurt with raspberries (Image via Pixabay Schäferle)

don’t touch it shrinkage It is important in the first place Read labels carefully To control the ratio of price and quantity. Being a phenomenon dictated by price increases, it is important to do so Study of allocated expenses (Also preferred bulk products) And do not blindly go to the supermarket, buying the first things that fall into the range.

This process, in fact, is not completely transparent and takes advantage of the fact that consumers are accustomed to buying a particular product without looking at its volume and price each time. For this reason, if you do not make a file Consciously spending You risk getting hit without even realizing it.

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Cheapest supermarket order Altroconsumo
Display shelves (Photo Pixabay)

This pest also affects products such as pasta, cereals and legumes: in recent years – especially after the outbreak of war and soaring inflation – it has spread like wildfire.

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