“It’s the fourth case.” What happens to the batteries

“It’s the fourth case.”  What happens to the batteries

For heaven’s sake, even petrol cars are on fire and so are buses in Rome. However, in the world there are millions of internal combustion engines while there are a small and driven number of electric vehicles at the moment. In light of the “green revolution” imposed by the European Union, which will force car manufacturers to Say goodbye to the internal combustion engine by 2035Therefore, we can only report what happened in these hours in Florida. where one Jaguar I-Pace Caught out of nowhere after reloading.

The news was reported by the specialized American portal, Electrek. Basically, Mr. Gonzalo Salazar bought this electric car in 2019. Until June 2022 there is no problem, then the Batatrac happens: “On June 16, I plugged in the car before going to bed – Wrote in an email to Electrek – On the morning of June 17 I woke up and I disconnect the device. Later that morning, I decided to run some errands. That morning, I drove 12 miles before I got home and parked my car in the garage, leaving the garage door open. While I was doing things at homeI heard a bang coming from the garage. I decided to go and see where the sounds were coming from, and upon entering the garage, I found myself facing a thick wall of smoke. My thought was immediately: “When there is smoke, there is a fire” and I need to get the car out of the garage at home.

In the public driveway, the car caught fire first, then there were other explosions and a beautiful Jaguar ”Soon it was engulfed in flamesOnly the firefighters intervened, with fire retardant foam, allowing the fire to be put out. “There was debris flying everywhere—so I kept my distance,” Salazar said. After the firefighters poured foam for a long time, the car was still buzzing from the front of the car.”

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This will not be an isolated case. Electric explains it This is the fourth known incident of this type of I-Pace battery, “which is starting to matter given the relatively small number of units on the roads.” 17 known fires should be added for another battery, the Bolt EV. The portal states that the statistics for electric vehicle and internal combustion vehicle fires are not much different at the moment. But the problem is not when the car catches fire after a car accident. But if it happened “when the electric car battery assembly caught fire on its own without external factors”. It also appears to have happened in this case.

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