The journalist covers himself in the mud, pretending to help the victims of the disaster

The Belgian newspaper reports that a German journalist was trapped in a bag or in his hand Free.

Susannah Ohlan, who works for RDL, has been suffering from severe flooding for days in the North Rhine-Westphalia region of Germany.

To make it appear that he was putting his hand in helping the victims, the journalist spread mud all over his body before going into the air for his report.

Unfortunately for her, the maneuver was filmed by a local resident, who immediately shared the video on Twitter.

The journalist was severely criticized by internet users and was eventually suspended by the RDL channel.

Susan Olan later apologized on Instagram. She admits she made a big mistake.

The journalist explained that he had actually helped the victims in the days before the incident. On the day of her statement, she says she was ashamed to stand in front of the camera in clean clothes and that is why she covered herself in mud.

Nevertheless, she realizes that her gesture is not professional and asks people to forgive her for this mistake.

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