Many homes destroyed by wildfires in California

Many homes destroyed by wildfires in California

The Dixie fire, which started on July 14, has already destroyed a dozen homes, drowning the small community.Indian Falls Saturday night.

Damage estimates were not immediately available, but firefighters were interviewedAssociated Press He said the fire had destroyed more than 73,200 hectares and was under 20% control.

The fire is spreading in the isolated area, which is difficult to access and is heading east, firefighters said. He forced the eviction into several small communities and on the west coast of Lake Almanor, a popular destination in the region.

Meanwhile, the Bootleg fire in the largest wildfire in the United States, southern Oregon, was almost halfway through Saturday. More than 2,200 firefighters were mobilized. Despite the slowdown in the blaze, thousands of homes in the eastern part of the area were at risk, officials said.

With dangerous dry weather […], Firefighters should constantly review their control lines and seek emergency solutions.

An excerpt from:Jim Hanson, fire behavior analyst

Five firefighters admitted to hospital

In California, Gavin NewSome declared a state of emergency for four northern districts. The most dangerous conditions for the protection of people and property. The announcement was able to mobilize more state aid.

Despite an evacuation order in Twain, California, John Capelman plans to protect his ten sheep, 25 chickens and six cats from the fire that threatens the city.

Photo: AFP / Josh Edelson

Such conditions are often a combination of unusual, inconsistent, and short-term natural weather events that are compounded by long-term man-made climate change. Global warming has made the West warmer and drier in the last 30 years.

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Governor Greg Gianford said firefighters from California and Utah traveled to Montana on Saturday. Five firefighters were injured Thursday when a gust of wind blew over rough and steep terrain near the rural northeastern city of Jordan as they tried to control the Devils Creek fire.

They were admitted to the hospital on Friday, but their condition has not been reported since. Three of the firefighters were members of a team from the U.S. Department of Fisheries and Wildlife in North Dakota, and the other two were firefighters from the New Mexico Forest Department.

Another major fire, the Alder Creek fire in southwestern Montana, destroyed more than 2,750 hectares. It contained 10% on Saturday night and threatened nearly 240 homes.

More than 85 fires to control

Elsewhere in California, the Tamarak fire south of Lake Tahoe threatened communities on both sides of the California-Nevada border. The fire, which started in Alpine County on July 4 and struck by lightning, destroyed at least ten buildings.

The thick smoke emitted by the blaze and the Dixie fire reduced visibility to the point where it could push back planes that had come to strengthen groups of firefighters. Air quality south of Lake Tahoe and beyond the state border of Nevada has deteriorated to a very toxic level.

A train of firefighters crossing a bridge over terrain occupied by firefighters.

Near Twain, California, firefighters attended as Dixie was enraged.

Photo: AFP / Josh Edelson

In north-central Washington state, firefighters battled two fires in Okanokan County that threatened hundreds of homes Saturday and degraded air quality. A small fire broke out near Silverwood theme park in north Idaho, east of Spokane, Washington, and was evacuated Friday night in and around the park. The park reopened on Saturday as the fire was half over.

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While hot weather and afternoon winds pose a sustained threat to fires, weekend forecasts also indicate the possibility of scattered thunderstorms in California, Utah, Nevada, Arizona and other states. It is predicted that there will be some dry thunderstorms during this thunderstorm.

More than 85 large wildfires across the country were destroying more than 1.4 million acres or more than 553,000 hectares of land in the western states.

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