Govt-19: Protests from Europe to Australia | Corona virus

In France, it cries Freedom, freedom! More than 160,000 people, including 11,000 in Paris, have protested against the extension of health passports and are forcing people involved in certain medical industries, especially in the medical field.

I will not give injections, Introduced 49-year-old nurse Sandra at a demonstration in Marseille, the country’s largest port city in the southeast, where more than 4,000 people marched.

Our country is becoming a dictatorship, For his part, said 71-year-old Jean-Claude Dip, a retired truck driver Ready to give a beating.

Two journalists from the public channel France 2 were attacked while covering the protest.

In Paris, the procession was basically created Yellow underwear, A protest movement against the many policies of President Emmanuel Macron, marched from the Place de la Bastille. Interruptions provoked police and protesters, and nine people were arrested, the interior ministry said.

Protesters during a demonstration against the forced vaccination and use of a health passport by some workers, some wearing yellow pants and standing amid tear gas in Paris.

Photo: Getty Images / Samir Al-Dumi

Another procession from Trocadero was led by Florian Filippot, a far-right politician and former n-2 of Marine Le Pen’s National Rally Party. Between the two Marseilles, He rebuked l’apartheid The administrator puts that in place, calls Tyrant Macron.

According to a July 13 survey, the majority (76%) of the French population agrees with the decision to make vaccination compulsory for health workers and other professions. The health passport also gets majority approval.

Since August 6 there have been thousands of protesters in Italy opposing the adoption of a compulsory health passport to enter closed spaces.

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Freedom!, Not for dictatorshipProtesters rallied from Naples to Turin.

It is better to die free than to live like a slaveCan you read a sign in front of the Cathedral of Milan? Work frees you up, Work frees you up, Editor’s note), with these words: Vaccines free you.

In Genoa, protesters wore engraved yellow stars Not vaccinated.

As in France, the announcement of new control measures to counter the progress of the delta variation has caused an urgency in vaccination: up to + 200% in some regions, according to Extraordinary Commissioner General Francesco Figliolo.

    Clashes between protesters and mounted police in Sydney.

During a rally in Sydney, protesters hurled plastic bottles and pots at police stationed in the city center.

Photo: Reuters / STRINGER

Earlier today, clashes erupted between police and protesters in Sydney as residents of the city of five million people were ordered to stay home for a month.

In Melbourne, thousands of people took to the streets after gathering outside the Victorian state parliament, according to local media.

Raise Australia (Australia, Awake), read signs, slogans echo the news found in similar demonstrations abroad.

In order to control the effects of the dizziness of the delta variant of the corona virus on hospital services, health restrictions are increasing across the planet. The epidemic has already killed more than 4.1 million people since the end of 2019.

Vietnam locked up eight million people in its capital, Hanoi, on Saturday in an attempt to contain the rise of COVID cases, forcing one-third of the country to stay at home. Authorities on Friday registered more than 7,000 new cases, the third highest in a week.

Germany, Europe ‘s largest economy, has been battling pollution, with COVID cases re-emerging as popular tourist destinations among its citizens.

The government announced on Saturday that Spain would impose a ten-day isolation on travelers from Argentina, Colombia, Bolivia and Namibia from July 27.

The move, triggered by an increase in cases in Latin America and the Caribbean region, has caused the world’s worst outbreak of the epidemic, with 40 million cases of COVID-19 reported on Saturday, with more than 1.3 million deaths.

The situation in Lebanon is also worrying as the economic downturn and power outage could further affect hospitals.

All hospitals […] Are now less prepared than they were at the time of the wave at the beginning of the yearFras Abiat, director of Rafiq Hariri University Hospital, the country’s largest public hospital, told AFP.

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