Chaos organizes the group that stole the copper, causing chaos in Rodales

Chaos organizes the group that stole the copper, causing chaos in Rodales

the Mossos de Escodra Four people and their children were arrested Dismantling a criminal group by Copper theft at Montcada Bifurcacio station Sunday, May 12th Catalan electionsAnd five other thefts in other parts of the railway network. One of the arrests occurred in Sabadell.

The detainees are three men and a woman who are repeat offenders Twenty precedents for similar facts. Among the detainees is the owner of one of them Waste management companyTo which he belongs to the criminal group, he allegedly acted in collusion with the detainees when receiving the stolen materials. The theft of 12-M left most of the Rodalises lines out of service and service has not yet been fully restored.

Eye examinations

Following the events of 12 May in Montcada Piforcasio, Mossos activated members of the scientific police in the affected areas to Eye examinations. The Central Structural Fire Unit ruled out that this was the case sabotage The main line of Researchers It was that they were in front of a criminal group that specialized in stealing copper cables. The fruit of the researchit was decided that the North Capital District Investigative Police Station took over the investigations because it was already investigating a case A criminal conspiracy specializes in this type of theft.

As a result of the investigation, Catalan police arrested three men and a woman who were allegedly involved in six incidents linked to the theft of copper chains in the region. Railway lines demarcate Barcelona, ​​many of which are on the R4.

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Arrests in the last hours

The Mossos contact the detainees Six threads of copper wire Of catenary committed between May 1 and 22. On that day, two of them, a man and a woman, were intercepted asparagus By private security guards Railways of the General State of Catalonia (FGC) And the local police of this municipality after a power outage, which affected railway traffic. The two individuals were taken to police stations and there they were arrested for their alleged connection to other events being investigated, including the 12-M events.

The other two remain under investigation He was arrested this Thursdaya Santa Perpetua de Mogoda and the other in Sabadell.

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