The horror of killing his wife and three daughters in the time of Covid – Libero Quotidiano

Fearing seeing his family wrecked, he annihilated her. This is also happening in the era of a pandemic. father of a family A small town in the southern belt of Berlin decided Kill his wife of the three girls Then they take their lives for it Forged Covid vaccination certificate fears authorities will kidnap his daughters And to send him to prison with his wife. In a farewell letter, teacher David R. , the 40-year-old, and the perpetrator of the massacre, with his willingness to kill himself. It all happened in a single-family home in the small village of Senzig in Koenigs and Westerhausen, Brandenburg.

A neighbor had sounded the alarm last Saturday and the police found the five bodies. The origin of a forged vaccination certificate that the man makes for the wife’s employer. But the public prosecutor discovered the forgery and the couple feared the consequences gernot pantillion. Forging vaccination certificates on the Internet, in Germany as elsewhere, is relatively easy and the price ranges from 150 to 300 euros. For two weeks in Germany, “using incorrect certificates” became a crime punishable by large fines and penalties of up to a year in prison.

According to his farewell letter, David R. He was afraid that his wife’s employer “wanted to move forward firmly” against the couple. Then the family massacre. In Russia, too, another episode of insanity occurred due to the effects of the epidemic. Sergey Glazov, the man who shot two people in the Moscow municipal office, opened fire after an argument with a security guard who asked him to wear a mask, which is mandatory in Russia in public places indoors. The man also injured four people, three of them seriously, including a ten-year-old girl.

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