Italian Fund for Applied Sciences, from Mur and Mise Resource Allocation Decree

Italian Fund for Applied Sciences, from Mur and Mise Resource Allocation Decree

The green light for the decree of the Minister of University and Research, Maria Cristina Mesa, adopted in coordination with the Minister of Economic Development, Giancarlo Giorgetti, which defines the criteria and procedures for the allocation of resources of the Italian Fund for Applied Sciences (Visa).

fund objective

Established by the Budget Law 2022 which allocates 50 million euros for 2022 and forecasts growth over time to 250 million starting in 2025, Visa aims to enhance the competitiveness of the national production system by promoting industrial research and experimental development, and joins the Italian Science Fund dedicated, instead From it, to basic research.

Fund resources will be activated through public notices outlining areas of intervention, specific requirements for proposals, evaluation criteria and allocated resources. In general, the judgment aims to promote the most relevant innovative ideas proposed by individuals (Principal Investigator- Pi) belonging to the national research system, both public and private, and to put them in the case, while ensuring large-scale decision-making capacity, for the development of innovative project proposals, in the enterprise local or at a different host institution.

What does the decree contain?

The decree also states that the project activities that can be financed are industrial research and experimental development activities and aim to direct resources towards proposals that will clearly demonstrate the implications and impacts, including industrial effects, of the intended outcomes, in terms of new products or services capable of contributing to solving social problems Important and competitive product or process innovations in a social, economic and industrial context.

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Who will evaluate the proposals?

The scientific evaluation of the proposals will be conducted by scientific and technical experts to be identified by the National Committee for Research Evaluation and appointed by the Ministry of University and Research. “The Italian Fund for Applied Sciences is an important piece, fully funded from national resources thanks to the support of the Minister of Economy and Finance, Daniel Franco, to raise the level of attractiveness, competitiveness and innovation in Italy,” said the Minister of University and Research. Maria Cristina Mesa.

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“The aim is to raise the capacity to conduct research in our country, to ensure ever greater opportunities especially for young people and to transform the results achieved into activities of sustainable and long-term economic and social benefit, thanks to the strong and healthy interaction between the public and the private.” “By investing in industrial research, we intend to strengthen the capacity to develop innovative ideas and projects that, when transferred to the business world, increase their competitiveness in the markets,” said Minister of Economic Development, Giancarlo Giorgetti. “The Applied Science Fund is another tool provided by the government with the aim of enhancing the wealth of knowledge and skills of young Italian researchers making them accessible to industrial supply chains, reflecting the trend of the phenomenon of brain drain abroad which in recent years has impoverished the economic and social fabric of Italy.”

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